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Introduction to Fall Down Accidents

According to New York State Law, property owners must maintain safe conditions. If a property owner’s failure to maintain a reasonably safe environment results in injury, the injured individual or their family may be eligible for compensation.

You can find more information below on specific types of fall down injuries. To speak in more detail about injuries you’ve sustained, contact us 24-7 by dialing 1-800-LAW-AMPM or click here.

Slippery Floor & Snow and Ice Falls

We’ve all seen the yellow sign warning “wet floor,” but what if there’s no sign? It is a property owner’s responsibility to maintain a safe walking surface for visitors so that preventable injuries do not occur. Fall down injuries are often severe in nature and can have lasting effects, which is why it is so very crucial for property owners to take their responsibility seriously.

Sometimes in snowy and icy conditions, slip and falls can occur when a property owner has failed to salt, sand, and clear their walkways of snow and ice. In these injury cases, the property owner will likely be liable for the injuries.

Sidewalk and Pothole Accidents

Not all property owners or municipalities provide proper sidewalk maintenance. A slip and fall on the sidewalk can lead to serious injury, including strains, pains, broken bones, and neck or back injury. Common causes of sidewalk slip and falls include wet, slippery, or icy sidewalk surface, potholes, uneven or cracked walkways, tree roots, obstacles, and disrepair. These are all due to the property owner’s negligence.

Even if some defects in the ground result from aging concrete and weather, property owners are responsible for the safety of patrons who are on their property and are expected to keep up their property up to code.

Stairway Falls

According to the National Safety Council, over 1 million injuries occur each year due to stairway accidents. Staircase and stairway accidents account for the second leading cause of accidental injury, second to motor vehicle accidents. Stairway accidents result in 12,000 deaths each year. While some stairway falls are caused by imbalance or inattention, a significant amount of stairway falls are caused by property owner negligence. Examples of property owner negligence include:

  • andrew finkelstein
    Slip and Fall Injuries Attorney, Andrew Finkelstein

    Defects to the stairs, stairwell or stairway

  • Improper or inferior lighting
  • Dangerous stair risers
  • Damaged or faulty steps
  • Lose carpeting
  • Defective railings or handrails, including improper height of handrail

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