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A Client Guide

Thank you for selecting Finkelstein & Partners, LLP to help you during this difficult time. Rest assured you will never be alone. Your legal team will be with you every step of the way to answer your questions and keep you updated.

The information provided in this book is intended to make the legal process as clear and easy as possible for you to understand so that you are fully prepared to deal with all aspects of your personal injury case.

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Understanding Your Case

In this video Andrew Finkelstein narrates what you can expect to happen after you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle crash. There are different directions you may find yourself heading in depending on your circumstances. It’s important to document your medical visits and progress. We hope you make a full recovery, but if you do not we’re here for you.

Breaking Down the Law

RBT CPAs “Business Break”

In this “Business Break” from RBT CPA’s, LLP Andrew Finkelstein talks about filing a COVID-related business interruption insurance claim.

Leading Through Adversity

Andrew Finkelstein of Finkelstein & Partners sits down with Crisp Founder & CEO Michael Mogill for a recent installment of Leading Through Adversity, where we discussed the importance of taking care of your team during times of crisis.

The Game Changing Attorney Podcast

Andrew Finkelstein is Managing Partner of Finkelstein & Partners, renowned consumer activist, and accomplished litigator — and he’s made a name for himself bringing together the practice and business of law.

In this episode of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, he joins us to share the top lessons he’s learned in his decades of industry experience, answering vital questions including:

  • How do law, business, tech, and consumer advocacy go hand in hand?
  • Can you detect toxic company culture before going into business with a firm?
  • Why are the busiest people oftentimes the worst procrastinators?
  • Are client surveys really still relevant for the law firm of the future?