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Winter in New York is typically long, cold, and messy. Many New Yorkers break up the monotony of the winter months by engaging in winter sports, like snowmobiling. While many enjoy the thrill of snowmobiling, it is crucial for individuals who partake in this sport to do so safely. According to New York State’s most recent annual analysis, in just one season there were 183 snowmobile accidents and tragically more than 20 people lost their lives in snowmobile accidents.

How do most snowmobile accidents occur?

There are two factors that commonly lead to snowmobile crashes: speed & trail conditions.

Speed: Various snowmobile manufactures sell models that reach speeds of over 120mph.

Trail Conditions: According to, typical accidents result from an operator traveling too fast for conditions and/or their own experience level, exiting the trail, and striking an object.

Where do most snowmobile accidents occur?

According to NYS data, Lewis and Herkimer counties are two of the most popular snowmobiling destinations in New York State, with increased traffic and correspondingly increased accidents. The Tug Hill Plateau, an elevated area east of Lake Ontario which consistently receives significant snowfall, is centered in Lewis county and stretches into Oswego, Oneida, and Jefferson counties, accounting for the increased activity in those areas. Herkimer county includes the very popular Old Forge/Town of Webb private trail system within the Adirondack park, a premier snowmobiling destination, accounting for increased activity in that area.

What types of injuries are most commonly associated with snowmobile accidents?:

Head injuries and elbow/lower arm/hand injuries topped NYS’s most recent list of annual snowmobile injuries. Leg, shoulder and hip injuries are also common types of snowmobile injuries according to NYS data.

What to do if you’ve been injured in a snowmobile crash:

If you were the passenger of a snowmobile, were struck by a snowmobile, or were involved in a snowmobile accident at no fault of your own contact us today. Click here to fill out a free case evaluation.