The Link Between Slip and Fall Accidents and Brain Injuries

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that falling is the most common cause of traumatic brain injury. Slip and fall accidents, no matter where, how, when and why they occur, can result in strains, fractures, paralysis or painful misalignment of any area of the body. However, traumatic brain injuries are life-altering events that can change the way you live your life for the rest of your life. Any area of the brain can be affected. These kinds of injuries may impact your sight, hearing, speaking, short term and long term memory, sense of smell, sense of taste, coordination, motor control, neurological system, facial recognition ability, concentration and problem-solving ability. There are emotional and psychosocial implications as well.

No matter the reason, it is imperative to get medical help as soon as you have been hurt. This is especially true when your head and neck are involved. It is critical to remember that it may take longer than 24 hours to adequately assess if your injuries have impacted your brain function. Let the property owner, manager or agent know if you are hurt on their property and be sure to fill out an incident report CONTACT THE POLICE AND FILE A REPORT. Taking photographs and getting the names and identifying information of any witnesses to the event is also important.

Regardless of the causes for slip, trip and falls, it is crucial to determine who is really at fault. To determine the right course of action, contact the personal injury attorneys at Finkelstein and Partners, LLP.

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