December 2023 – John W.

“Their advice was solid.”

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December 2023 – April S.

“More like a family than a lawyer.”

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November 2023 – Gregory Q.

I came to Finkelstein & Partners after I was in a server car accident at work. I thought I would only be able to get workers compensation but Finkelstein’s office told me I had a case. I was so happy when I was assigned Sharon Scanlan as my trial attorney and Judy G. as my paralegal. They both worked so hard on my case. Judy was always available for my calls and Sharon Scanlan was so dedicated to my case. I am thrilled with my case settlement. I would highly recommend this firm.

November 2023 – John S.

“I hired F&P because they’re the best.”

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October 2023 – Kriste S.

“We were one team, one fight”

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September 2023 – Jeffrey J.

Thank you for the great work and help your staff gave me on my case. The people you have assembled with their skill and professionalism is beyond compare. Your organization from top to bottom made me feel heard and valued as a client. My outcome was more favorable thank expected, just an overall wonderful experience in difficult circumstances.

September 2023 – Cody S.

“We Let Our Clients Do the Talking”

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February 2021 – Pete H.

“They treated us just like family….we probably wouldn’t have gotten through this without them”

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February 2021 – Lucinda S.

“I felt like I was the number one client and more than that, I felt safe”

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February 2021 – Eric H.

“I would treat my clients how Finkelstein treated me”

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December 2022 – Maureen M.

All my communications with the members of the Finkelstein staff have been clear and useful. Every member to whom I spoke was courteous, compassionate, and competent. I am more than happy with your service.

November 2022 – Sandra T.

My lawyers are the best! I could not ask for anything better, thank you so so so much!

September 2022 – Michael L.

Brian Acard did a amazing job handling my case. Kept me informed and educated me through out the entire process. All my worries went away with Brian representing me he is an excellent attorney. I hope that anyone in a similar situation that I was in gets the pleasure to be represented by him.

March 2022 – Michael M.

Finkelstein & Partners did an awesome job. I had a great team of people who put me at ease through it all. No phone call was unanswered or emails. They got back to me each time I called or emailed.

December 2020 – Ed K.

Thank you for all the personal help & time that everyone is giving to myself & my case. Everyone has taken their time to explain what is going in my opinion & have been very kind through this process.

September 2020 – Jaclyn

I am extremely grateful for the recent services of the team at Finkelstein and Partners in representing me in my recent personal injury lawsuit, including David Gross, Sharon Scanlan, Lois Daunt, and Lisa Parkinson. In particular, Sharon was an amazing advocate and she was instrumental in securing a favorable outcome without going to trial. Although this started with a negative trauma and injury, it was resolved with a very positive outcome due to the team at Finkelstein and Partners. They provided a high degree of professionalism, communication, and compassion, and I could not have been happier with my experience.

February 2020 – Monica R.

Working with Andrew Finkelstein was a pleasure as he always kept me informed and was easy to get in touch with.  He really helped me make an educated decision about my case.  I definitely recommend hiring Finkelstein & Partners if you have a serious injury case.

January 2020 – Radha B.

Michael Feldman has been caring, considerate and kind throughout the entire process and has gotten back to be quickly if I called or had any questions. Although, unfortunately, my case does not involve a large sum of money, I was treated the same as if it was worth millions. He worked hard for me no matter what!

September 2019 – Elizabeth M.

I was apprehensive about entering into a lawsuit. However everyone I worked with at Finkelstein & Partners, especially Greta Leary and Tony Grillo was great. I feel the firm handled my case in a clear, straight forward, and honest way. Thank you for everything you did to get my case handled so that I would have the best possible outcome.

September 2019 – Pamela M.

We couldn’t be any happier with Attorney Ken Bartlett. He stayed in constant contact with updates on my husband. He was very caring to what we re going through.

June 2019 – Shannon D.

Thank you for helping me in my vulnerable state. I was in no shape to fight with insurance companies and am very grateful to you.

June 2019 – Nicola C.

I was very pleased with the service.

March 2019 – Matthew D.

I was very satisfied with everything your firm did for this case.

March 2019 – Brit F.

Brian Acard and Jennifer Esposito were extremely helpful and understanding. They would return my calls whenever I had questions or concerns.

February 2019 – John T.

Linda Armatti-Epstein was great, I could not have asked for anyone better.

December 2018 – Vivian R.

Mr. Brody was very professional. He explained issues clearly, discussed options and offered advice when appropriate. He listened well, showed empathy and reassured kindly. 

November 2018 – Steve S.

Very very pleased being represented by your firm. Mr. Levy and Mr. Rosenkranz kept me posted as the case proceeded.

August 2018 – Kathy K.

Ken Bartlett, my lawyer, was wonderful. He only wanted the best for me. In the end, we did win without going to trial. He guided me through some difficult phases. It was a pleasure having him and his staff supporting me and working with me.

July 2018 – Lorraine B.

Very happy with the help given during my case. The attorneys were very determined to get things done.

June 2018 – Elizabeth C.

Sharon Scanlan, whenever I was appointed her as my lawyer at first I was skeptical, she was very demanding but ended up being very thorough. She listened carefully and caught discrepancies from the other attorney during trial. She helped me stand up and testify. She was able to capture the jury’s attention and conveyed to them opposing council was wrong. She was really excellent in the court and wasn’t afraid to hold them accountable.

I’m really glad Elyssa Fried appointed her. Jesus, my appointed case manager, was very kind and really kept me informed. Elyssa also provided me with some great recommendations.

Sharon made sure I got more than what the initially offered due to an existing injury. She worked really hard, she even called me on Sundays. She was really kind. I recommend her for any case that has to do with New York State because she is such a go getter.

May 2018 – Peter H.

After retiring as a corrections officer, I got a job with FedEx as a tractor trailer delivery driver. My routes covered Orange, Rockland, Ulster, Dutchess and Westchester counties. One day I was doing a pick-up at a warehouse in Blauvelt in Rockland county when one of the fork lift operators knocked over 2 pallets full of heavy merchandise that landed on me severely injuring my foot and ankle. I was hurt badly and unable to return to work. I retained a Worker’s Comp attorney in Middletown since it’s close to Ellenville where I live. The WC attorney advised me to call Finkelstein & Partners in Newburgh because they are the best personal injury lawyers in the state. That proved to be the best advice I got. Everyone at the law firm is very nice, especially Lois and my trial lawyer Brian Acard. They always returned my phone calls promptly and answered all of my questions. Andrew Finkelstein was actively involved in my case also. Everything he promised me the firm would do, they did, and then some. I was really surprised how accessible and interested he was in my case and can see why the firm is so successful. In the end I was able to settle my case and was happy with every aspect. If you need an accident lawyer in the Hudson Valley for a serious injury case, definitely go with Finkelstein & Partners. They are the BEST!

April 2018 – David R.

I was driving in Orange County, New York when another driver ran a stop sign and hit my car. I didn’t just sustain one serious injury, I sustained several serious injuries. I knew I needed a great injury attorney. I made the decision to call Finkelstein & Partners and ended up working with a team of professionals who had my best interests at heart and worked really hard to make sure I got a fair settlement. Because I was working at the time I also needed to file a workers’ compensation claim, and they helped with that too. If you are injured and need a lawyer, I would highly recommend contacting Finkelstein & Partners.

March 2018 – Dorothea S.

I cannot say enough great about the way my car accident case was handled by these caring professionals.. From start to finish I was made to feel comfortable and treated with the utmost respect.. Brian Acard and Amanda Chanowsky worked with me the most. But when things got down to the wire, Brian was with me all the way.. I don’t think I have ever come across a more kind and helpful man..Even on the days that he should have had off he worked with me toward an amazing outcome. He deserves all the praise and thanks that I could offer.

Feb 2018 – Robert J.

I work at construction sites and rely on the general contractor to provide safe equipment so I can do my job. That didn’t happen when I was working a job in Rhinebeck, in Dutchess County. The ladder I was working on collapsed under me and I was badly hurt. I needed surgery and couldn’t work. At first I called a Poughkeepsie firm and thankfully they work with the accident lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners in Wappingers Falls on all their big injury cases. Everyone I worked with was very helpful and they got me a great settlement. Hire Finkelstein & Partners if you want to get everything you are entitled to.

Feb 2018 – Bella S.

I suffered a traumatic brain injury when my car was rear-ended. I thought my auto insurance would take care of everything, but one of my doctors told me that I should get an injury attorney—“sooner than later”—and referred me to David Gross. I can’t say enough good things about him and his associates at Finkelstein, especially case manager Samantha Howland and litigator Chris Camastro. They were all kind, conscientious and responsive. They carefully guided me every step of the way, from initial interview, to deposition, to insurance settlement—which I certainly wouldn’t have gotten on my own.

Dec. 2017 – Shawn S.

I was driving west on Route 52 in Walden, just outside of the town of Montgomery when I was struck head-on by an oncoming vehicle. It was sleeting and hailing at the time of the crash and the other driver lost control of their vehicle. I was transported to a local hospital via ambulance. Because of the serious injuries I sustained in the crash, including a broken ankle and rib, I was admitted to the hospital for four days and had to undergo surgery. I left the hospital knowing that I had a long road to recovery ahead of me. I wasn’t able to put any weight on my ankle for months and even with therapy, I was out of work for nearly 6 months. I am so grateful to have had Finkelstein & Partners by my side during that difficult time. Thanks to the hard work of George Levy and Elyssa Fried-De Rosa I was able to collect the maximum amount of insurance that was available to me. I would highly recommend Finkelstein & Partners to anyone in need of a top-notch personal injury attorney.

Dec. 2017 – Gregg M.

I was very pleased with how the Finkelstein law firm handled my case. Specifically the lawyer handling my case from start to finish Mr. Brian Acard was no less than stellar in all aspects. Brian took an active interest in not only the negligent content of the case but also a personal interest in the recovery and treatment of the injury. Without being specific I can only say I learned that Head injuries, most specifically Traumatic Brain Injuries are very misunderstood from Professional to Professional, Dr’s included. Mr. Acard made it his personal mission to not only present a well rounded case but to educate everyone involved of the severity of these otherwise un-seen by the naked eye injuries. The passion Mr. Acard showed regarding this case was second to none. I rarely leave reviews for anything , but in this instance I feel that his exemplary effort during this case deserves recognition. Thank you again. For ALL you have done.

Dec. 2017 – Rohan

I was in my car waiting to make a left hand turn when a distracted driver in a phone company pick-up truck crashed into the rear of my truck in Newburgh, New York. I already was out on Workers’ Comp for my low back and now this crash messed up my neck. At first, I just called my Workers’ Comp lawyer and he said he would take care of it. I don’t think he knew what he was doing so after a few months of nothing happening I switched to the injury lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners. Once I did, everything changed. They started a lawsuit fast. I always knew what was happening with my case. Trial attorney George Levy was excellent and he was able to settle my case without a trial. I tell everyone if you have a car accident call Finkelstein & Partners.

Oct. 2017 – Wally G.

Living in Beacon, NY I am always travelling on Route 84 and am always concerned about so many trucks on that road. As I was on 84 in the Town of Kent, I was passing a flatbed. Suddenly, without any blinker or warning the flatbed entered my lane, side swiped me and pushed me into the guardrail. I couldn’t believe he didn’t even stop. Eventually the police tracked him down. At first I didn’t think I was hurt that bad, but the pain in my neck got worse and worse. Eventually I had surgery to my neck. I hired the best accident lawyers in the Hudson Valley, Finkelstein & Partners. Everyone was very helpful, especially my trial lawyer Brian Acard. He always kept me informed and was able to settle my case without at trial.

Oct. 2017 – Patrick C.

I was always proud to drive a school bus in Dutchess County and I loved the kids. Everything changed when I was driving a school bus for Pawling Central School District one day waiting to turn and was rear ended by a truck driver who wasn’t paying attention. At first I hired a local lawyer who referred me to a Poughkeepsie accident lawyer. This lawyer tried to get me to settle but I knew I should get more. I couldn’t work anymore. As my injuries got worse and I needed multiple surgeries and was still unable to work, I knew I needed a big firm to take on the insurance company. The best thing I did was hire Finkelstein & Partners to take over my case instead of the Poughkeepsie solo lawyer I had because Finkelstein & Partners could fight the insurance company. After the diligence and attention given by my attorney Brian Acard and his team (special thanks to Lynn Cohen-Plass); in the end, they were able to settle my case for more, almost three times what the first lawyer wanted me to take. Definitely call Finkelstein & Partners if you have a serious injury. They will take great care of you.
Immensely Grateful,
Patrick A.

Oct. 2017 – Mr.Rodriguez

My grandfather suffered severe injuries and cuts all over his body in the nursing home where he was being cared for. We were completely devastated. We hired a nursing home abuse attorney from Finkelstein & Partners. He listened to us and helped my grandfather get justice. We are very thankful!

Oct. 2017 – Marissa

When I was injured in an auto accident, I didn’t know what to do. I contacted my auto accident lawyer from Finkelstein & Partners and I’m glad that I did. My lawyer came to visit me in the hospital. He gave me the comfort and confidence I needed. He also helped me obtain a fair settlement from the other at-fault driver.

August 2017 – Joe F.

After my car crash in Albany I called a lawyer from the yellow pages because they looked big. Turned out they weren’t what they claimed. I needed a big injury firm because I broke my wrist and needed a few surgeries. I called another lawyer and they referred me to Finkelstein & Partners. Everyone was fantastic and they got me the full amount of insurance. Everyone who worked on my case was great, especially Cindy Williams and Marshall Richer.

July 2017 – Harris

Thank you for representing my case with relentless commitment. Your determination to fight for justice is what made my case a success. Elder care attorneys like you are the best example of justice prevailing when you proceed with the right attorneys.

June 2017 – Denni

What my personal injury attorney did for me was so commendable. Had it not been for his winning representation, I would be drowning in my medical bills today. Thank you for your excellent service.

June 2017 – Joseph F.

After my car crash in Albany I contacted a law firm in Schenectady, who did not live up to their promises. They promised to keep me informed and push my case but it seemed like nothing was happening. That all changed when I called Finkelstein & Partners. They took over my case and started a lawsuit right away. Everyone was so nice to work with, especially Attorney Wolf, Attorney Richer and Ms. Cindy Williams, my case manager. They totally exceeded all of my expectations and I tell everyone don’t make the same mistake I made and to call Finkelstein & Partners first.

May 2017 – John

Thank you, Finkelstein & Partners, for handling my grandmother’s nursing home neglect case with care and professionalism. We are very satisfied with the results. You are definitely the best nursing home neglect lawyers one could hope for. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a lawyer.

May 2017 – Adina

A year ago, I was injured in a motor vehicle accident. I was referred to Finkelstein & Partners by a friend. I was appointed a very professional motor vehicle accident attorney by the firm and I am so grateful that he represented me. Due to the persistent efforts of my lawyer, my complicated case went very smoothly. He worked hard to help me get a great settlement. I am very thankful to him.

May 2017 – Anonymous

Thanks, Finkelstein & partners, LLP for helping me with my car accident case. My injury lawyer helped me beyond my expectations. He was always there for me. I was treated as a family member. Very satisfied with the outcome of my case.

May 2017- Elizabeth C.

Before I was hurt in a pedestrian knockdown in White Plains I had never been through a lawsuit. My Finkelstein and Partners personal injury attorneys were great. Attorney Elyssa Fried was so wonderful on my case. She listened and cared a lot about the fact that the Defendants were trying to say that the accident was my fault. She was so kind and helpful to me on my case. Also my Trial Attorney Sharon Scanlan was great, she held my hand the whole way through, and she helped me stand up for myself. She would call me at night, because she was always working on my case. At first I was ready to walk away with nothing, but my attorneys made me feel better about myself and my situation, and we kept fighting. My entire legal team was wonderful, and did more than their call to duty. I have a disability and there were days that I couldn’t walk to the court house or back to my car, my trial Attorney Sharon would actually walk to my car for me and drive it to me. She has such a wonderful personality. And, she tore that other lawyer apart! She took away their credibility because she pointed out their inconsistencies, she was so good, she was excellent. Sharon can make anyone feel good about themselves, I know that because she made me feel good about myself and my future, she gave me back hope. Finkelstein & Partners has jewels when it comes to the work ethic and dedication of Sharon Scanlan and Elyssa Fried.

April 2017 – Susan

Being in an auto accident and getting injured is a scary event. Not knowing what to do I turned to Finkelstein and Partners in Newburgh NY. I was assigned a lawyer, Melody Gregory who answered all of my questions and advised me of what I would be entitled to medically and monetary. I couldn’t ask for a better representative by a law firm. She was courteous and professional in every aspect in representing me in my case to the insurance companies. When I was denied medical coverage for some Doctor visits she immediately was on the phone taking care of it. My case was settled in approx. a year’s time and everything she told me up front was the way it finalized. If it wasn’t for Finkelstein and Partners and Melody I feel I would have been taking advantage of and not received what I was entitled to if I went to another law firm. Melody Thank You! I highly recommend Finkelstein and Partners and especially Melody Gregory!

April 2017- Myra

Great reliable staff treated me and my family as if we were priority.

April 2017- Thomas B.

Sharon Scanlan, my personal injury attorney did a great job, I’m glad I called the firm after being involved in a car accident in Brooklyn, I would recommend Sharon and Finkelstein & Partners to anyone!

March 2017 – Almmy P.

After my Mom was neglected at a nursing home, we knew we needed a law firm that specialized in holding nursing homes accountable for neglecting their patients. We weren’t too sure where to turn, so our friend, who is a lawyer told us the injury lawyers at Finkelstein and Partners in Newburgh have a department dedicated to handling cases against nursing homes. We called and they did a great job. Mike Feldman did a great job for us and everyone at the law firm was very nice. They really helped us through a very difficult time and I definitely recommend using them.

March 2017 – Elizabeth and John K.

Mr. Steves was very knowledgeable, professional, and personable, and negotiated for us a very satisfactory settlement in a timely manner. Also, Mr. Vasconez was very responsive to our questions and provided valuable assistance throughout the process.

March 2017 – Nicholas C.

After my accident where another person crossed a double yellow line and hit me, I needed a lawyer. I contacted David Gross who was there for me from the beginning of my case until it settled. He was quick, and always looking out for me and even gave me his direct extention. I would definitely highly recommend David Gross.

March 2017 – Terryann

I am not a person who would usually call a lawyer, but I was walking in a shopping center parking lot in Westchester when I fell because the parking lot was broken up. I contacted David Gross and he made me feel very comfortable. He explained what he could do to help me and was always there for me, even giving me his direct extension . We were able to settle my case after he started law suit. David went above and beyond his regular duties for me and made me feel at ease knowing I picked the right lawyer. I would definitely highly recommend David Gross.

March 2017 – Sharon C.

In reply to a recent letter from your firm dated January 24, 2017, I do want to state how pleased I was with Christine K. Clemens who was the attorney who handled  and represented my deceased husband claim for Veterans’ Benefit and my claim for survivor’ benefits.

Christine Clemens always kept me informed, as she did most of the calling  to me and I seldom had to call her as she was always on top of things.  She was always so pleasant and courteous and I felt she really cared about me and the struggles I had been through.

Christine was my angel from Heaven and I was so confident that she was the very BEST legal representation that I could have against the VA after they rejected my first claim which my husband and I struggled to file and constantly follow-up ourselves while he struggled with colon cancer.  I was so Impressed with her knowledge and how she presented my claim in letters to the VA that even my daughter said how impressed she was that she would not want to go against her in a court of law!  Christine had a gift of writing and knew how to express herself and get her point across to the VA!

Shortly after my husband passed away from battling cancer, this time it was liver cancer, we received a letter from the VA that he was fully approved for disability benefits effective July 2, 2014 which was the day he passed away!  Although i could not receive any of his monthly checks, Christine made sure that I did receive some back money.

I have recommended Christine Clemens to other people and will continue to recommend her as she truly worked so hard for me and she always returned all my calls.  Christine is a warm, compassionate and very caring person who got me through a very difficult time in my life! She is truly my Angel from Heaven! I thank her and your firm Finkelstein & Partners!

March 2017- Altimond

I was in a very bad car crash and had serious injuries in Danbury Connecticut after a drunk person left a bar, got in his car and crossed over a double yellow line and hit me head on. The crash was so bad the drunk driver was killed. My wife knew we needed a big firm to go after the drunk drivers insurance company. We live in Poughkeepsie and I was in the hospital in Connecticut so our friend suggested my wife call injury Finkelstein & Partners and I am so glad she did. The law firm investigated the case right away. They even sent a lawyer to the hospital to answer all of my questions. Every lawyer I worked with was very helpful and I would definitely recommend anyone who needs a great personal injury firm to call Finkelstein & Partners.

February 2017 – Kryste S.

I live in South Carolina and hired the Finkelstein & Partners Veterans Services Group to handle my Veterans’ disability benefits appeal after learning about the great work they do for veterans. They understand how difficult it can be to obtain disability benefits, but they really are dedicated to helping veterans and their families through the process. I have been fighting for my benefits for quite some time without success. My Finkelstein & Partners Veterans Services Group attorney, Christine Clemens, presented my case at the BVA hearing and I finally received my disability benefits, I even received back dated benefits. I would 100% recommend the Finkelstein & Partners Veterans Services group to anyone struggling to collect disability benefits.

February 2017 – Chris C.

I was seriously hurt while working in the service department of a Westchester car dealership. A project we were working on went wrong and before I knew it a 300-400lb transmission crashed down onto my foot. I was seriously injured in the incident, I sustained what is known as a “crush injury”, and had tissue and nerve damage on my foot and ankle. I quickly learned crush injuries are difficult to manage and slow to heal. My injury resulted in what is known as Sesamoiditis, a painful condition that typically requires ongoing treatment. Luckily I was able to focus on rehabilitation because I knew my Finkelstein & Partners attorneys were 100% determined to help me obtain a fair settlement. I was completely satisfied with my attorneys and my entire legal team, and highly recommend to anyone seriously injured on the job or elsewhere, contact Finkelstein & Partners.

January 2017- Viviana A.

First I was hit by a distracted driver who ran a stop sign when I was driving in Newburgh. I initially hired a small law firm because I did not think I was hurt that bad. Then I was in a second crash when another distracted driver hit my car in the rear when I was stopped at a red light in New Windsor. I decided to change lawyers because I knew I needed a firm that could handle a big case as I needed a serious surgery as a result of these crashes. I called Finkelstein & Partners, and their accident lawyers moved quickly and helped me with both of my cases. I can’t say enough about everyone I dealt with at Finkelstein & Partners, including Bryan Acard, who handled my case very efficiently; Edward Jones, who always answered my calls and took the time to patiently explain every question I had about my case; and their assistant, Jesus Vasconez. I was treated with compassion and always knew what was going on with my case. They gave me all of the information I needed to make an informed decision, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great personal injury firm.

January 2017- Seth P.

Sharon Scanlan was incredible. Her devotion to my case and honesty throughout the whole process kept it real for me. I have never felt more in someone’s capable hands than I did with her and she carefully navigated through the very difficult process. There were times when I wanted to accept what the other side was offering because of fatigue and doubt, but because of her confidence, preparedness, tenacity and believing in my case, I stayed the course and followed her gut instinct and I am glad I did. The verdict for me felt vindicating and I really owe it all to her. Being on trial felt like the hardest thing because it became personal, but she defended my case with vigorous passion. She is an amazing attorney and advocated for my case till the end.

January 2017 – Joseph C.

I was with another law firm for over a year and they did no work on my case. When I came to Finkelstein’s office they started my lawsuit, did depositions and got me a big settlement – all in less than a year! My trial attorney Sharon Scanlan was amazing and the staff at the Finkelstein office was so helpful. I am so glad I switched to Finkelstein & Partners to represent me in my motorcycle case.

January 2017 – Shakeah V.

After my car crash in Saratoga Springs, I made the mistake of hiring the wrong lawyer in Albany. The first law firm didn’t fight for me and it felt like they were afraid of the insurance company. After 11 months of nothing getting done I knew I had to change attorneys and get a law firm that fights for their clients. I hired the injury lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners in Albany and it was the best decision I made. Everyone was helpful, especially my case manager Cindy Williams. She was always there for me and helped me through a really hard time. The accident attorneys started a lawsuit right away and the insurance company knew I was serious. I ended up losing my job because of the injury from the car accident and I needed a major surgery to my neck. Finkelstein & Partners was able to recover 100% of the available insurance so I could settle my case. All I can say is if you’re in a car crash and aren’t using Finkelstein & Partners, you should do what I did and switch to them. All I did was call them and they took care of the rest. I didn’t even have to speak to my old lawyers.

Finkelstein & Partners did a great job. They went up against the insurance company, they stood their ground & they made it known they were not backing down .They assured me they wouldn’t settle for anything less than what we wanted and they made it happen! I’m pleased with the outcome .Thank you for everything.

January 2017 – Ignacio L.

I was in a car crash in Haverstraw in Rockland County because someone just pulled out from a side street into me. I was hurt pretty bad and I called a Spring Valley lawyer but he didn’t want my case. My doctor suggested I call the injury lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners and it was the best thing I could have done. I ended up needing a major surgery to my neck. I am thankful to everyone at the law firm for all they did, especially helping me settle my case for way more than I thought I’d get. These lawyers are very good and you should definitely use them if you have a car accident.

January 2017 – Tony Y.

I really appreciate all the effort and work you have put into my situation, I feel that I am in the right hands for this matter and know that the skilled and very well schooled attorneys at Finkelstein will get me the justice I deserve, they have been through hell and back from this accident and the process has been a lot smoother with my team on my side, so thank you and I wish you all the best and god bless, I can sleep at night when knowing you guys got my back.

January 2017 – Harry D.

After I was involved in a serious car crash in Newburgh, NY I contacted Finkelstein & Partners. The firm has been in Newburgh for decades and is known for providing dedicated, aggressive representation for the injured, and that’s exactly what they did for me. The driver of the other vehicle was speeding through an intersection and ended up t-boning my vehicle. My ribs were shattered in the accident, I also sustained multiple fractures, a punctured and lacerated spleen, a punctured lung, and was left in excruciating pain. Before the crash I was employed as a construction worker, but because of my injuries I missed months of work. My attorneys at Finkelstein & Partners were there for me every step of the way and made sure I received a fair settlement.

January 2017 – Deborah M.

After my fall in Oswego due to excess gravel and broken up pavement in a parking lot, I badly hurt my arm. I never would have fallen if the parking lot was properly maintained and I wanted to hold the building owner accountable. I checked on-line and thought the injury law firm of Finkelstein & Partners was the best firm to do this, so I reached out to them – and I sure am glad I did. I went to the Syracuse office and everyone there was so nice. They helped with every part of my case and I was happy the attorney was able to settle my case for a fair settlement. I am sure the property owner will now be more responsible due to my attorney, Victoria Lightcap’s professional guidance and expertise in the handling of my case. I also want to thank the case managers, Mary Ray-Brooks and Cindy Williams. They both were always available to help me with anything I might need, from understanding my feelings and questions I had through the duration of my case. My attorney and her staff treated myself and husband like we were family. I will be forever grateful for the attention and empathy they showed to us. I would recommend Finkelstein and Partners. Sincerely, Deborah

December 2016- Daniel E.

Last October I was travelling in Bristol N.Y on my motorcycle and was run down at an intersection by a young, careless driver. I was struck by car and was thrown into a ditch and was injured seriously. After I was released from the hospital I was referred to Finkelstein and Partners in Syracuse. Everyone was pleasant and helpful through this difficult process. The personal injury lawyers knew just hot to handle a motorcycle crash case and I would definitely recommend them. Thanks to my case manager Cindy Williams who worked very hard and kept me informed, David Akrib who negotiated with the insurance company as well as lawyers Tim and Victoria who helped work with the town of Bristol.

November 2016 – Keivn C.

Best injury firm around. They treated me like family and I felt very comfortable through the entire process.

November 2016 – Barbara K.

My husband and I were driving in Warwick, New York when we were struck head on by an oncoming vehicle. My husband did not survive the crash. It was an extremely difficult time for my family. I’m so glad I decided to contact Finkelstein & Partners, I was always confident I was in good hands. My attorneys and case manager were 100% dedicated to helping me receive a fair settlement, and they did just that. I would absolutely recommend Finkelstein & Partners to anyone in New York seeking a personal injury attorney.

November 2016 – Thomas S.

I was injured on a construction site in Wappingers Falls, New York. I tried to go back to work after the accident and realized that wasn’t possible, so within a week I contacted Finkelstein & Partners. When I spoke with George, my attorney, he was available and did a good job preparing me for depositions and helping me to understand what was going on with the case. I would 100% recommend that anyone else hurt in a construction accident contact Finkelstein & Partners. I was really pleased with how I was dealt with. The paralegals assigned to my case also did a really good job explaining how long each aspect of the case should take and what I should expect.

November 2016 – Kevin C.

After my fall I never thought I would need an amputation but I did. I am so happy I used Finkelstein & Partners to help hold the company accountable that caused my injury when they disabled the safety equipment that would have prevented my fall. This is the best lawfirm in NY. They are totally dedicated to their clients and they proved it with me.

September 2016 – Shanell

I had a very bad situation where I needed a great lawyer. I saw Finkelstein & Parnters TV ads and thought I’d give them a try because they had offices throughout the Hudson Valley and I always drive by the Newburgh office. It was the best decision I could have made. All of the lawyers were helpful and answered all of my questions throughout. I had a very serious injury that required surgeries and the law firm was always there to help. I especially liked Ken Fromson because he always returned my call promptly and thoroughly explained everything to me. He did a great job settling my case and I tell anyone who is in a car crash they should definitely use them.

August 2016- Rosemary Z.

“After my car crashed due to someone running a stop sign in front of me in Newburgh, New York. I knew I needed an excellent injury law firm. I hired Finkelstein & Partners I got that and more. Everyone was so compassionate and really concerned for my well-being, especially my case manager Lois , and attorney Melody Gregory.They made sure I always new what was being done for making the best outcome for my case. I was pretty badly hurt and they helped me get a fair settlement. Living in Orange County I always heard about how great Finkelstein & Partners was, but now that I have experience with them I can truly say they are the best accident firm in the Hudson Valley. I can never thank Lois and Melody enough for there expertise, kindness and caring !!! Thank you also to all the other excellent lawyers and staff as well who helped me.”

August 2016- Bonnie C.

“My husband and I were driving in Sullivan County on a clear day when suddenly a car hit us head on. The crash was really serious, the other driver died in the accident. After the crash we contacted the injury attorneys at Finkelstein & Partners. We were very satisfied with how they handled our case, in fact their services exceeded our expectations. I would absolutely recommend Finkelstein & Partners to anyone who has been in a serious crash and needs top notch legal representation.”

July 2016 – Barbara S.

“I’ve lived in Orange County and worked in Newburgh for many years and always heard positive things about Finkelstein & Partners, Personal Injury Attorneys, but it wasn’t until I needed them did I realize how great a law firm it is. I was shopping in a store when a box fell onto my head. I had no idea how badly I was hurt. I actually had a mild traumatic brain injury. A good friend suggested i call the attorneys and I am so glad I did. Everyone was so nice and caring. Even though it is a big law firm, I always felt like my case was a priority, and it was. The Lawyers always returned my calls and I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with them.”

July 2016 – Michael R.

“I know riding a motorcycle is dangerous, but I take every precaution possible to be safe. When the car cut me off I knew I couldn’t avoid the crash. I was pretty badly hurt and knew I needed the best personal injury lawyer. My wife used to work for an insurance defense law firm and she told me to consult with Finkelstein and Partners. She was correct. The law firm collected all the insurance from the car who caused the accident. They were able to collect the full amount of insurance money from my personal insurance company. They were professional and knowledgeable and I thank their team for all their help. Larry Lissauer, David Akerib, George Kohl and Lynn were excellent.”

June 2016 – Gerrald W.

“After my accident in Sullivan County I contacted Finkelstein & Partners because I had dealt with them before, my family had also. Right away I got a response, within a day or two someone came to my house. When I called my medical questions were always answered and they were helpful when dealing with the insurance company. I would definitely recommend the firm to someone else in a car accident, I was happy with the service. I like Lois, my case manager, very much. My attorney Ronald Rosenkranz was also helpful when I was nervous during my deposition.”

May 2016 – Matt D.

“In 2013 I was hit by a driver who went over the yellow line in Crawford NY. I was hit on the drivers side and my car was totaled. I contacted a Lawyers office who refused my case then I went to Finkelstein & Partners in Middletown. The firm took my case. I was severely injured which caused me to have a spinal fusion at the age of 24. I will have back problems for the rest of my life. Thank goodness for this firm and its employees that have been with me thru this entire painstaking journey. I want to say thank you so much to Elizabeth A. Wolff and Judy Gentile. Both of these caring and understanding women were there for me anytime I had any questions or concerns. They took the time to speak to me and always explained every step of this process. I would recommend this firm because they do care and work hard in getting things resolved. Thank you again Finkelstein & Partners, Elizabeth A. Wolff and Judy Gentile.”

May 2016 – Jessica B.

“Making the the call to Finkelstein & Partners was one of the best things I could have done for my family and I. After my slip and fall accident due to negligence on the property management at my facility, I was forced to undergo some surgeries and sustained injuries. But thanks to the convenient location of the office in Poughkeepsie ,consistent updates on my case, concerned attorneys and even holiday and birthday cards I owe all my thanks to them for being able to start my life over.”

May 2016- Joe C.

“Dear Mr. Pastore, Just a note to express my gratitude for all the work you and your staff have been doing and done for me. Now I can move forward, it’s been a long hard 10 years but I am a survivor and never gave up! Congressman Scott Tipton has officially put me in for the purple heart award. I will highly recommend your office to other Vets as well. I give to you and yours a heartfelt thanks. May god bless you and may god have mercy on our country.”

May 2016 – Joseph L.

“I served in the Army and saw combat in Vietnam. I developed a service related disability years after my in service toxic exposure to herbicides, including Agent Orange. With my honorable discharge, I applied for Veterans’ Compensation Benefits. The VA denied me service connection for my disability, so I had to hire a lawyer. I live in Missouri and I called a local lawyer. They told me that Finkelstein & Partners is the best in the USA because they have a dedicated Veterans’ Services Group to help vets get the benefits they deserve. Well, they were right and the best thing I did was to call Finkelstein & Partners. Even though they are in New York, they told me they handle cases Nationwide, so I hired them. It was such a pleasure working with them. They did everything they promised and got me the results I wanted. If you have a service-related disability from being in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard – and whether it is for diabetes with neuropathy or PTSD – I highly recommend Finkelstein & Partners to help with your appeal.”

April 2016 – Ed R.

“Thank you for the excellent and hard work you did on my behalf. I am completely satisfied with the results of my case.”

April 2016 – Roger J.

“When I had my car crash in Newburgh, I was not sure what lawyer I should call in Orange County. Thankfully a friend suggested Finkelstein & Partners. I didn’t have an easy case and they weren’t too sure they would take my case and I am glad they did. Even though I live in Pine Bush, it was worth going to Newburgh to get the best accident lawyers in the Hudson Valley. I am very thankful to my team of attorneys who worked on my case including David Akerib, Esq. and Nancy Morgan. I found Nancy Morgan to be an awesome attorney.”

April 2016 – Dorthy H.

“I fell on snow and ice because my Poughkeepsie landlord didn’t put salt or sand down to protect tenants. I seriously hurt my lower back. I’m so happy my husband called Finkelstein & Partners. Everyone I worked with at the law firm really cared and helped me with all of my questions. My landlord’s insurance company didn’t want to treat me fairly, so I had to sue them. This is where Finkelstein & Partners were awesome. They prepared me for my deposition and held the property owner accountable. In the end, the insurance company offered their full policy because my lawyers were fighting for me every step of the way. Thank you.” – Dorthy H. 

April 2016 – Maureen D.

“I am the appointed guardian for a disabled adult who was fully capable of working. When I learned his leg was crushed by a garbage truck at work one day, my good friend suggested I call Finkelstein & Partners in Newburgh, NY. That was the best action I could have taken as the guardian. The personal injury lawyers investigated how it happened and even obtained a video of the event which confirmed the truck caused the accident. With the advice of the lawyers, I was able to make smart decisions and ultimately settle the case before trial that would have been scheduled in Goshen, NY. Every person we dealt with at the law firm was helpful, caring and committed to holding the truck company accountable for all the damages they caused. They did that, and more. I highly recommend Finkelstein & Partners if you every need an accident lawyer in Orange County.” -Maureen D. 

Feb 2016 – Alexis G.

“When I was on 84 a tractor trailer crashed into my car causing my tire to blow out. My vehicle rolled and I was really hurt. I lost consciousness and was diagnosed with a TBI. When my friend told me to call Finkelstein & Partners I didn’t realize how important that call was. I lost a lot of work & they helped me every step. The insurance company delayed but the firm assigned me a great trial lawyer, Brian Acard. He was great and helped me prepare for my deposition. I am so happy because the attorney’s at Finkelstein & Partners really helped when I needed them most. At the mediation the insurance company knew we were ready for trial so they eventually agreed to settle my case for what I thought was fair. Thank you Finkelstein & Partners, I would recommend you to anyone who has a serious injury.”

Jan 2016 – Tara M.

When my daughter was bit by a dog in Marlboro, NY, I first turned to the lawyer I work for to help.  Thankfully he told me that Finkelstein & Partners was the best firm in the Hudson Valley to handle a dog bite case.   I called their Newburgh office and they started working on my daughters case right away.  Once the law firm started the lawsuit, the insurance company got serious and settled for the full amount of available insurance coverage.  I highly recommend the lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners if you are ever in need of an accident or serious injury lawyer.

Sept 2015- Rob M.

George Levy was the attorney assigned to our case. He exceeded all of our expectations in providing legal representation. We were kept informed of all our options throughout the entire process. The confidence displayed by the legal team really gave us a piece of mind during the proceedings. The settlement was greater than we had anticipated. Oh by the way….we settled for $1,000,000.00….that’s one MILLION dollars!

May 2015 – Dora C.

Mr. Finkelstein, where do I begin?  I want to thank you and your wonderful staff for the professional and effective service that was provided during the past four and a half years. It’s been a long road, but your staff made us feel so comfortable on a personal and professional level. Especially Mr. Brian Acard.  His professionalism, kindness and compassion  made it abundantly clear he was willing to do whatever it took to find the justice my son deserved. It’s been a rough couple of years for him. At some points I was sure he’d lost all confidence and on the verge of breaking. But Mr. Acard went above and beyond to give him the trust, courage and confidence he needed to prevail.  Mr. Acard went as far as taking time out of his personal life (evenings, weekends) to accommodate us.  He was so patient, kind and understanding with our endless questions and concerns. He by far exceeded our expectations. Nick felt a connection to Mr. Acard which truly lifted his spirits.  I don’t know how to express our sincere gratitude for what he has done for us. Getting to know Mr. Acard was an honor. Winning the case was a bonus. This is a true reflection of hard work, persistence and dedication.  Thank you Mr. Acard for your time, efforts and most of all support, comforting words and kindness.  You are truly a good, noble man. Not to mention a phenomenal attorney and I am grateful to have had you representing my son. Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  

Oct 2014 – Eric H.

I highly recommend Finkelstein & Partners if you’ve had a serious injury. When I lost my leg while riding a motorcycle because someone was texting and driving and caused the crash, it was the scariest day of my life. My fiancée called Finkelstein & Partners right away and it was the best thing she could have ever done. They jumped right on the case, took critical pictures of the accident scene and interviewed key witnesses. They were with me throughout the entire process, helping me with everything I needed. What I really appreciated was that from the beginning, they told me this was my case and their job was to give me all the information to make an informed decision. They really did that. They spent the time with me to educate me on the impact of each decision I had to make and I really felt in control of my case. I was blown away when they did the deposition of the other driver, it was awesome. When it came to negotiating, they were able to ultimately work out a settlement where I know I would not have done any better if I went to trial. They changed my life and I can’t thank them enough.

– Eric H.

Oct 2014 – Mr. and Mrs. M.

Dear Andrew,

We just wanted to write you a quick note and say how happy we are. Sharon, our attorney, was absolutely amazing. She really went above and beyond, it was a true support during this entire process. From thoughtful little gifts for our daughter, to insightful advice for us, she never missed a beat. She was very professional, insightful, friendly and overall just a real pleasure to work with. You have a real gem there! Thank you for all your firm has done for us!

Mr. and Mrs. M.

May 2014 – Robert V.

“I would like to take a moment and that you and your staff for all the hard work they did on my behalf. I know at times I may of been frustrated and said things I should not have, but that was because of all the pain and anguish of waiting these past 7 years for a final determination.

I have many Korean Vets that served in the 65-66 time period who were in the near same situation as I and I will once I receive the final approval and award letter refer them over to your office for your help on their claims.

Again I thank all of you and my family also thanks you for your assistance.”

April 2014 – John T.

“I was very satisfied. My Case Manager is a great facilitator, handling paperwork, phone calls and returning emails, and coordinating people superbly. The entire staff is cordial, skilled and efficient. Certain kinds of info and processes were difficult for me to grasp, especially in times of stress. Nancy Morgan listened to me when I explained that and heard me clearly in such a way that I got things when needed. I felt comfortable with all the staff requesting clarity and refinements. Thank you!”

Sept 2013 – Jerry W.

“I want to thank you for your help in my VA appeal. I applied for compensation from the VA for my PTSD and after being denied for an amount greater than 30%, a friend recommended your firm. Contacting your office was the best decision I have ever made. In less than one year, I have received by full compensation from the VA Court of Appeals. I owe it all to you folks. You really gave me your all and I will always be grateful for your help”.

February 2013 – Patricia and Jack

“I selected your firm on the recommendation of a business associate who was also your client…I was never disappointed.

Aside from the professionalism of your group, which was expected, I feel your particular strength lies in the two staffers who were assigned to our case. The first is Ms. Amanda Charnowsky. Amanda was our point of contact with the firm and she was always there for us…providing current information about the status of progress of the case. It was not just “doing her job”, that set her apart in our minds, but her warm, engaging style that assured us that not only she, but the firm was concerned for our well-being.

Mr. George Levy, as our attorney, was exceptional in keeping us informed as to the progress of the case and any future events of which he was aware. Our personal meetings were relaxed and reassuring. My wife and I were particularly thankful for the manner in which George guided us through the deposition portion of the case and minimizing our stress in experiencing something to which we had no exposure. In all of our consultations, he made certain that the subject was expressed in layman’s terms and that we clearly understood the contents.

Again, our deepest thanks to Amanda, George and your firm.”

November 2012- Louise Liberty

“Dear Lois Daunt, I want to express my sincere thanks to you for all your assistance and patience given to me regarding my lawsuit. You did a fantastic job and I appreciated all your help.”

November 2012- Daniel R.

“Appreciated the attention and commitment to what you realize was a relatively minor case.”

September 2012- Larry H.

“Jesus Vasconez, thank you for the excellent continued support and answers to my questions this afternoon. I’m still a little upset about the accident and your calm and soft tome helped calm me down.”

September 2012- Philip K.

“Thank you for all the hard work that you did for us.”

September 2012- Beverly C.

“Judy Gentile, Thomas Yatto, and Mr. Heinz did a super job! Everyone who I was in contact with at the firm did a great job!”

August 2012- Ashleigh C.

“Thank you all especially Victoria Lightcap for doing a wonderful job on representing me.”

July 2012- Mary C.

“Since I was with the firm, everybody was nice to me especially Kathy Sheehan. Jonathan Davis was the best.”

July 2012- Casimiro B.

“Judy Gentile and Steve Cohen were very responsive and I had a great experience with them.”

July 2012- William C.

“Ken Cohen in your Newark office recently handled my personal injury case. Mr. Cohen was a true professional from day one. His hard work, knowledge and affable nature was refreshing. I would recommend Ken and your firm to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney.”

July 2012- Marc M.

 “I feel compelled to write you and convey my recent experience with your firm(s) pertaining to a recent case that was handled on my behalf.  I am a now retired police officer having been struck by an intoxicated driver while I was conducting a vehicle and traffic stop in December of 2009.  Although I had an outstanding 27 year career in law enforcement, I began to realize the tremendous impact that having to retire before I wanted to, was going to have on my family.  I consulted with several law firms and ultimately chose Finkelstein and Partners to represent me. 
I knew the process would be a long and somewhat complicated one however, your staff made it extremely “easy to navigate”.  From the warm, friendly receptionists on the 4th floor of your Newburgh offices who despite the high visitor traffic always seemed to know me, to Melody Gregory who I met with initially for consultation, I received a level of attention greater than expected.  My questions were always answered completely, and most important to me, voice mails were returned promptly.  As my case progressed through the process I dealt with many people, including Kathy Sheehan who always managed to help keep me organized and focused by her periodic requests for updated information.  Meaningful referrals were made along the way by all your staff especially David Akerib, as this case had several parallels including a Social Security Disability claim, Workers Comp with 207 C complications and a Retirement application all intertwined with each other.  I chose your sister firm Fine, Olin & Anderman to handle the Social Security portion and received outstanding attention and representation from Pamela Thomas as well as her administrative support staff.  My only regret was not using them for workers comp as I am still struggling with that end of things and to date it is the only piece of this process that remains unresolved.  
Finally and most importantly, the person I want to thank most is Steve Cohen.  When my case progressed to the point of nearing closure, I met Steve Cohen.  I was impressed from the beginning by how prepared he was even during our first phone conversation.  I assumed he had my case file in front of him because, he was able to speak to specifics of my case with ease. It wasn’t until our first face to face meeting that I saw how monstrous the paper case file actually was. It proved he had to have had a strong,  knowledge of my case to be able to answer as quickly and accurately as he did.  He sometimes gave me answers to my questions that didn’t always make me happy, but were in fact the right answers.  Having a police background, I felt I had a solid understanding of “the law” and knew the processes well.  I found I had much to learn about how the civil side of things worked.
Our first in person meeting was equally as pleasing.  I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and clicked almost immediately with Steve.  I also confirmed that he was very well prepared for the arbitration that was to take place. Steve in a subtle way pointed out the places he thought my case was strong as well as the few weak spots including the manner in which I was used to testifying.  He pointed out that I was NOT testifying in court as a police officer but instead as the injured party.  It was a humbling lesson but so very important.  We spoke at great length about strategy as well as some possible final numbers.  The case was well put together and all bases appeared covered in that expert witness reports were in place, and Steve did a phenomenal job of prepping me for my testimony.  As the case progressed to settlement offers our discussions became more frequent.  Steve did an tremendous job not only in negotiating the final settlement but in guiding me through the entire process. Each offer was relayed to me quickly and explained fully.  I considered myself a betting man until the offers starting rolling in.  Steve gave me the positive and negative of each offer and clearly spelled out the risks of settling too early.  He also gave me his recommendations. Thankfully, I listened to him and held out for the last offer which was more than I thought we would receive in the arbitration. I did not want to risk going forward although Steve strongly suggested we do so.  
My point in writing to you Andrew is to say thank you to you and your entire staff for the outstanding effort put forth on behalf of my family and I.  The dedication shown by all (I hope I didn’t miss anyone) was outstanding.”

June 2012- Christopher P.

“Thanks for all your help concerning the matter we had. You worked real quickly and efficiently and I really appreciate it!”

June 2012- Judith T.

“I was extremely satisfied with your work as my attorney.”

June 2012- Richard P.

“I appreciated your professional time and effort into my case.”

May 2012- Harold T.

“Melody Gregory, George Levy, and Kenneth Oliver, were great all the way!As for hearing, George Levy was expertly articulate,pursuant, and just great at arbitration hearing.”

May 2012- Paul S.

“I appreciate the honest and straight forward communication from my attorney David Akerib. He fairly evaluated the case on its merits, and I am very pleased with the settlement amount.”

May 2012- Mary L.

“Andrew and all the lawyers were very helpful and were able to answer all the questions I had. Myself being ignorant of the law made it a learning experience and I have a lot of respect for your firm and everyone that helped!”

May 2012- Miriam M.

“Just a reminder of my heartfelt appreciation for insuring me with positive updates regarding my case. Your support was very much an uplift in my present physical health.”

April 2012- Robert V.

“Sharon Scanlon is a top notch lawyer. Your firm also did an excellent job on my case. Thank You!”

March 2012- Thomas R.

“I would like to say thanks to all the firm at Finkelstein & Partners for all they did for me.”

February 2012 – Jeffrey C.

“I am very satisfied with the communication that the firm made with me to keep me updated on all phases in the case.” 

“I am very please with the work that my attorney David Akerib and my adjuster Jeffrey Sulmakerdid on my case. David and Jeffrey are very professional and knowledgeable in there field of expertise. I feel that David and Jeffrey are an asset to the firm.”

February 2012 – Carolyn S.

“Staff was wonderful my sincere thanks to Elizabeth Wolf and Judy Gentile. 

January 2012 – Walter W.

“Ken Fromson was very nice and good at what he does.” 

January 2012 – Elizabeth F.

“I felt very comfortable and safe dealing with Finkelstein & Partners.” 

January 2012 – Chevonne S.

“Thank you so much for your great services unto me Mike Webra was great!” 

January 2012 – Salina H.

“I was very satisfied! Every questions, concerns or just to talk Mike Webra or Michael Emminger was always there for me.” 

December 2011 – Kathy B.

“Michele Faye has worked very hard on my case and is a great asset to your firm.” 

December 2011 – Liz Wolf

“Was great just the few times we spoke. I would like to mention my case worker Judy Gentile. She was absolutely wonderful. She explained things so that I understand them. She is patient, kind, caring and ever made me feel like I didn’t matter. I was just important as anyone else.” 

December 2011 – Deberah M.

“I was absolutely satisfied!!! Communications were clear in regard to information. My case worker was wonderful. In my opinion you do not need to improve anything. Your people are wonderful!” 

November 2011 – Jean V.

“My husband and I had a case that took over seven years to settle. During that time our attorney was Andrew Genna. We could call him any time with questions and if he was not available he would get right back to us with an answer. He made us feel like we were important to him and we could count on him. He always kept us up on what was going on with the case. We were very pleased with the way he treated us. When our case went to trial we were introduced to another attorney named Steven Cohen. During the trial Andrew Genna and Steven Cohen worked together they were excellent. My husband could not be at the trial due to his illness so I was there by myself. Both attorneys made it very comfortable to be at the trial without my husband. When the trial was over it was very emotional for me and both Steven and Drew called me at the house that night to see if I was alright. To me that was great. I did not feel that I was just a dollar sign to them. I can not say enough about Steven and Drew. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone.”

June 2011 – Rosemarie W.

“Thank you, law firm Finkelstein & Partners, for brining attorney Peter Jankowski into your law firm from the Veterans Services Group to evaluate and help the appears of service connected disability claims. He certainly arrives with great credentials.

My late husband, Hank W. (Silver Star medalist, WWII) was mired in on-going problems and disclaimers for two years to receive his benefits which he so deserved…the loss of a second leg. It seemed, often, like harassment!

We won the case, finally, with the diligent and on-going perseverance of the DAV and our great Congressman, Ben Gilman, both of whom I shall be forever grateful.

Now, I’m glad that the disabled G.I.’s who served our country so gallantly, will have in their corner, the competent and compassionate advocate, Peter Jankowski.”


Hi Andrew,
I am relieved that Sara’s legal case is behind us and am pleased with the settlement for her. I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for Nancy Morgan’s attentiveness, professionalism and especially her sensitivity towards and genuine interest in Sara. Her competence and care made us feel that we were in excellent hands. She’s tops.
Be well,
F&P Client

September 2010—Fernando I.

I would like to thank Lois Daunt and your staff on handling my case. I would also like you to thank Mr. David Akerib personally for me. I can not compare you to any other law firm because I really never had to use one before, but one thing I know is if I ever have a problem I will not hesitate to contact your firm. 


Wishing everyone at the Finkelstein & Partners my blessings. 

August 2010—Charles S.

“The service was excellent and the fee was reasonable. I was very satisfied with the handling of my case. Thank you. I was treated professionally and fairly. Special thanks to attorney M. Gregory and Mr. A. Finkelstein.”

August 2010—Cheryl N.

“Thank you for all your help, support, and hard work in my time of need.”

August 2010—Joan M.

“Extremely satisfied with my lawyer—David Akerib. Very pleased with my lawyer’s attention to my case.” 

August 2010—Sean C.

“Everything was smooth and on point and was taken care of in a quick, timely fashion.” 

March 15, 2010—Kelly S.

“I would like to thank Jesus Vasconez for all the help he has put forward in this case. It just goes to show that Finkelstein and Partners have the Best staff in Upstate NY. It feels a little better knowing that someone’s got your back. Thanks.” 

February 2010—Karen K.

“This thank you note is overdue, but nevertheless, it could not be more sincere. I cannot begin to thank you for your hard work and continued support over the last few years. What may be business as usual for your firm was exceptional from my perspective. I have been through medical trauma before, but the legal side of the ordeal was new, uncharted water for me. Maybe it is all the Irish Catholic guilt of my childhood, but I really do everything I can to lead a life above reproach. As sanctimonious as this may sound, living in a boarding school environment tends to insulate us from some of the harsher day-to-day realities. But at the same time it is precisely my environment that made me look at litigation with distain.

That is until something happens that throws your world into a freefall. I am pretty good at accepting the inevitable—things happen, grow-up and deal with them gracefully. I just had such a difficult time wrapping my head around the fact that I needed to defend myself in this incident. It has definitely been life altering in how I see the old puritan work ethic, personal responsibility (or lack of), and litigation especially in personal injury cases.

I am not going to say it is not about the money – of course it’s about the money. But it is also about the role of lawyers who know how to navigate a system and do their best to help a client set things right – or as right as they can be. The past doesn’t change: the surgeries were horrific, the recovery long and ongoing, and the one that still haunts me the most was that my mother died before I was well enough to be there. It was not easy, but your constant support is what truly made the difference. While my intention isn’t to canonize you, what made the biggest difference was your quick response to emails or phone calls: to answer a question, reassure me, or keep me in the loop. Your responses to my questions were usually by the end of the day, or the next day at the latest. That is what set you apart from everyone else that I dealt with. Again, I can’t thank you enough.

Although I hope to never need your services again, I remain grateful for those you provided and will offer endorsement if any one I know needs legal assistance in the future.”

January 2010—Tawana W.

December 2009—Amanda A.

“Thank you—just having you as a resource for filing questions with any insurance company was most helpful.”

December 2009—Keith F.

“We would like to thank you very much for caring about us thru a stressful time thank you Kenneth, Lisa Venuto, David Gross.”

December 2009—Cheryl J.

“When I went to other firms they would not even touch my case. Your firm was wonderful it gave me hope and everyone helped me trust that everything would work out. I can never thank everyone enough.”

November 2009—Joan W.

“I am 76 years old and had never gone through anything like this, Mike and Judy helped me with every problem I had and never gave the impression I was being a bother, at my age that was so important to me.”

November 2009—Donna K

“Mary Brooks and Mr. Steves helped make a bad situation a lot better. They are very nice, helpful and professional. They blessed my family.”

November 2009—Kathleen M.

“Very satisfied. Return phone calls were very prompt, letters kept me up-to date on the progress of the case.”

October 2009—Rosemarie G.

“You sued me on another matter and I liked the way you handled the situation.” 

August 2009—Theresa W.

“Mr. Oliver was the easiest attorney I’ve ever dealt with. He is very pleasant and personable. Lisa Venuto was very helpful.”

July 2009—Roxie G.

“I thank God for you all, your firm is so great and truthful there is no more like you all. Thanks.”

July 2009—Renee W.

“My mother used Finkelstein and Partners to handle a previous case in which I was severely injured in a car accident at the age of 15. The experience/results I had in 1995 were so great, it made me want to work with the law firm again.”

July 2009—Sharon S.

“The lawyer and paralegal were responsive, sympathetic and fine! Your office in Middletown was especially friendly and helpful.”

May 2009—Tina L.

“I can not say enough about the care and concern expressed to me by Julio and Amanda. They are fantastic and very knowledgeable. Not having been through a lawsuit before I felt very comfortable allowing Julio to do what he does best!”

May 2009—Jennifer V.

“This was absolutely the most difficult experience of my life. Thanks to Leslie Cook, David Gross and Ken Oliver’s hard work and patience I got through it.”

April 2009—Timothy V.

“I was very pleased with the help that Michael, Liz and Sam provided during a very difficult time for me. Thank you very much for all your help!”

March 2009—Mary V.

“I am completely satisfied with Finkelstein & Partners and very satisfied with my dealings with my attorney. I would certainly recommend Finkelstein & Partners to anyone who is need of a lawyer.”

December 2008—Kathleen E.

“Judy Gentile was absolutely awesome professional, courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. Nancy Morgan was great also!!”

December 2008—Rose A.

“The treatment I was given was very kind and respectful. Thank you”

October 2008—Wilma C.

“I want to thank everyone that work on my case. They were very helpful to me in every which way. They always responded back to me on my phone calls. To all of them a special thank you. I would tell people who need a law firm to contact Finkelstein & Partners.” 

September 2008—Shari D.

“If anything else was to happen to me I would most definitely be calling Finkelstein & Partners.” 

July 2008—Barbara T.

“I think Finkelstein & Partners was very professional and responded to calls in a timely manner. Excellent job.”

June 2008—Keith G.

“Ken Oliver, Gladys Nordlund were excellent, they kept me up to date thought the entire case. Would definitely recommend someone to the firm.”

June 2008—Donald W.

“I am very pleased with the work done by Judy and your firm on my behalf. Judy is an outstanding person you should be proud to have her as an employee. Thank you Judy for all you have done for me. Judy is a great asset to your Firm. Judy was always professional and understanding of my circumstances. I was always kept informed of what was going on and never pressured into anything.”

May 2008—Marie Q.

“Everyone that I spoke to in the firm from beginning to end was very courteous and professional they treated me with the utmost respect and understood all my concerns. I would definitely use the firm again if I needed to.”

May 2008—Robert J.

“I thank you very much for your time and expert advice. I believe you did the best for my dad and I respect your decision under the circumstances.”

May 2008—Daisy S.

“I found all the people were very friendly helpful and answered my questions in a timely manner.”

April 2008—Kathie G.

“Judy was the very best in answering my questions and making feel at ease.”

March 2008—Doreen B.

“I am Very appreciative of the attention to me and my case. Especially to Mr. Michael McGarry who was most helpful and understanding.”

November 2007—Nadine B.

“Mike McGarry is an amazing attorney he was so helpful and informative during the whole process I would have Mike help me if I was ever to have an injury again. He is the best! Way to go Mike!! Thank you so Much!”