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Most drivers feel comfortable seeing big trucks along the streets of Albany. Those big trucks deliver the supplies that businesses need across the country. Unfortunately, they may also provide an increased hazard. Big trucks have a much greater overall risk of causing accidents, often including accidents that lead to severe injury.

Did you suffer injuries in an Albany truck accident? Do you have questions about the compensation you may deserve? Working with an experienced Albany truck accident attorney can provide vital insights into the compensation you deserve and the steps you need to take as you navigate your truck accident claim. Contact Finkelstein & Partners today to discuss your Albany truck accident.

Albany Truck Accident Guide

Finkelstein & Partners: Experienced Help for Albany Truck Accident Victims

Trying to handle a truck accident claim yourself can, in many cases, reduce the compensation you ultimately recover for your injuries, not to mention leaving you incredibly frustrated and unsure of your next steps.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we aim to reduce our clients’ frustration and provide them with the tools to successfully navigate their truck accident claims. With more than 60 years of experience dealing with injury claims of multiple types, we have the skills to help our clients achieve their goals and convince insurance companies and juries to take their injuries seriously.

Take a look at some of our recent results:

  • $6.8 million jury award to a truck crash victim
  • $1.95 million after a company truck driver rear-ended another vehicle while driving distracted

At Finkelstein & Partners, we are strongly committed to helping our clients navigate the complex claim process with the liable truck driver’s insurance company.

We keep you apprised of all the details in your claim.

You suffered the injuries. You need compensation. At Finkelstein & Partners, we aim to make the information about your claim visible to you by providing access to an online portal with that essential information available.

We have the skills and insight to take on the big-name insurance firms that often cover truck drivers.

Dealing with big-name insurance companies can leave you feeling intimidated. You may not know what will happen next or how to handle any interactions effectively. At Finkelstein & Partners, we have the resources you need to take on those big-name insurance companies and increase the odds you will get the compensation you deserve.

We make it easier for our clients to get the legal representation they need.

Albany truck accident lawyerPeople often avoid calling a truck accident lawyer because they fear they will have to pay more for legal services than they can afford. At Finkelstein & Partners, we help remove those barriers to compensation. We start with a free consultation to help give our clients a better idea of what to expect as they move forward with a truck accident claim. We also take claims on a contingent fee basis: our clients do not have to pay unless we win.

Did you suffer injuries in a truck accident in Albany? Do you have questions about what comes next? Contact Finkelstein & Partners today to learn more about the vital assistance we can provide.

The Compensation You Can Include in Your Albany Truck Accident Claim

An Albany truck accident can cause devastating injuries. The average semi truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds fully loaded. That can mean a lot of damage to the other vehicle involved in an accident and severe injury to its occupants. As a result, you may need to pursue substantial compensation for those injuries.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we cannot guarantee what compensation you will recover for your truck accident injuries, particularly since multiple factors may influence the compensation you will ultimately recover, including:

  • Who caused the truck accident? Often, multiple parties will contribute to a truck accident, so you may pursue a claim against all of them.
  • What insurance policy covers the truck driver? How much compensation does that policy offer for truck accident victims?
  • What damages did you sustain as a result of your truck accident?

Most truck accident claims break down into the same general elements. Take a look at these damages often suffered in truck accidents and how they may impact your right to compensation.

Medical Costs

Albany has a wide array of hospitals and urgent care centers where you may choose to pursue treatment for your Albany truck accident injuries, including St. Peter’s Hospital and Albany Memorial Campus. Those treatments, however, may lead to substantial ongoing medical costs.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we recommend that our clients take a comprehensive look at current and future anticipated medical bills associated with their truck accidents.

Income Losses

Truck accident injuries can keep many people out of work for weeks, months, or even permanently. Talk to your lawyer at Finkelstein & Partners about how much time you missed from work because of your Albany truck accident injuries and how to include it in your truck accident claim.

Pain and Suffering

What non-financial impact did your Albany truck accident injuries have on you? Did you suffer a great deal of physical pain? Loss of independence? Inability to engage in the activities you enjoyed before your accident? At Finkelstein & Partners, we aim to help our clients get compensation for the non-financial damages associated with the truck accident and the financial ones.

Albany Truck Accident Claims: What You Need to Know

According to New York law, you have three years from the date of a truck accident to file a truck accident claim. If you fail to file that claim before the statute of limitations runs out, it may prevent the court from hearing your claim, which may ultimately mean that you do not recover the compensation you expected for your injuries.

Common Causes of Albany Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can occur for many reasons.

In Albany, common challenges include:

  • Weather problems: Albany averages 52 inches of snow annually, leading to increased accident potential.
  • Heavy traffic: As a major city in New York, Albany may see a great deal of traffic on the roads, particularly during rush hour. That increased traffic may raise the risk of a devastating truck accident.
  • Driver error: Often, truck accidents result from driver inattention or negligence behind the wheel.

Albany Truck Accident Injuries

Albany truck accidents may cause widespread injuries, and oftentimes result in catastrophic injuries.

You can file an injury claim any time you sustain injuries in an Albany truck accident, whether you sustain the injuries listed below or another type.

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Back and neck injuries, including spinal cord injuries
  • Amputations
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Crushing damage
  • Serious bruising and lacerations

Dealing With the Insurance Company Following an Albany Truck Accident

Albany truck accident attorneyDealing with the insurance company after an Albany truck accident can be difficult. Insurance companies often aim to limit the compensation they have to pay in any accident claim. Trucking insurance companies may have extensive legal teams ideally positioned to argue against the compensation you deserve.

You may receive low settlement offers that fail to acknowledge the full extent of your injuries and the damages you endured.

You may struggle to prove how much compensation you deserve for your injuries because the insurance company claims you did sustain those injuries from another event or that you do not need the medical treatment you claim.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we have extensive experience dealing with even big-name trucking insurance providers. We help fight aggressively to maximize the compensation our clients can recover for those injuries, putting them in a better position to recover the compensation they deserve.

Your Next Steps After an Albany Truck Accident

Truck accident injuries may leave you reeling. You got immediate medical attention, and you know that you may have a long road to recovery ahead of you.

What comes next?

  • Get in touch with Finkelstein & Partners as soon after the accident as possible to discuss your right to compensation. Working with a lawyer from the days immediately after your truck accident can provide you with comprehensive support as you manage your claim.
  • Keep track of your medical costs. Make sure you save receipts from any co-pays and deductibles you may pay along the way.
  • Follow the instructions issued by your medical care providers. If you fail to follow those instructions, it could limit your recovery or even cause your injuries to worsen. Furthermore, it might prevent you from recovering the compensation you deserve after the accident.
  • Keep a journal that documents how you have recovered from the accident and what limitations you still face. List the challenges you have faced.
  • Check the accident report for accuracy. Make sure it names the right time, date, and location of the accident and the correct parties potentially involved.

At Finkelstein & Partners, we guide our clients from the beginning, which may help increase the odds that they will recover the compensation they deserve.

FAQs About Albany Truck Accidents

Who has to pay my medical bills after an Albany truck accident?

As the party who suffered injuries in an accident, you must make arrangements to pay your medical bills. Your health insurance may help provide coverage for many of those financial costs.

As you figure out how to manage the medical bills associated with your accident, you can use the funds from a truck accident claim. The insurance company will generally pay out a lump sum settlement. You can then use those funds to manage the many bills associated with your truck accident claim.

Can I handle an Albany truck accident claim without a lawyer?

Handling a truck accident claim alone can come with several possible disadvantages. You may miss out on the compensation you deserve. Trucking companies and truck drivers often have insurance policies covered by large legal teams. Those teams may aggressively fight to limit the compensation you can recover for your injuries.

With a lawyer on your side, on the other hand, you have deeper insights into the compensation you deserve and the evidence needed to prove your claim. A lawyer can help you navigate your interactions with the insurance company to increase the odds that you will recover the compensation you deserve.

Why are truck accident claims more complex than other vehicle accident claims in Albany?

If you have suffered injuries in a truck accident, you may need a great deal more information before you can start moving forward with your claim. Truck accident claims may involve a more complicated investigation than the average auto accident claim due partly to the complex regulations truck drivers must follow.

andrew finkelstein
Albany Truck Accident Attorney, Andrew Finkelstein

At Finkelstein & Partners, when we look into Albany truck accident claims, we may look at:

  • The driver’s overall history
  • The driver’s logbooks
  • The specific load in the truck at the time of the accident
  • The trucking company’s policies
  • Any factors that may have contributed to the accident

That investigation can prove much more complicated and in-depth than a car accident claim and may uncover more factors contributing to the truck accident.

Do You Need an Albany Truck Accident Lawyer?

You may have many questions about what comes next following a devastating truck accident. At Finkelstein & Partners, we are prepared to guide you through the claims process and ensure you recover the compensation you deserve. Do not try to deal with the insurance company on your own. Instead, contact an Albany personal injury attorney at Finkelstein & Partners at (518) 452-2813 to discuss your right to compensation.