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No personal injury lawyer can promise that an Albany motorcycle accident case will achieve a favorable outcome. However, seeking the help of an experienced motorcycle accident injury team like Finkelstein & Partners puts injured motorcyclists and their families in the strongest position to secure the compensation they need and deserve. Finkelstein & Partners lawyers are Super Lawyers, and several are members of the exclusive Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

While only past results and no guarantee of future success, these are just a few of our recent awards and settlements.

  • $5.9 million: A passenger aboard a motorcycle settled an injury case for seriously injuring lower extremities, requiring multiple surgeries.
  • $1.5 million: Garbage company pays motorcyclist for no reflectors on a Dumpster near a construction site
  • $1.25 million: Motorcyclist recovers full insurance
  • $979,000 payment to a motorcyclist
  • $750,000 settlement: Motorcycle Crash
  • $650,000 settlement: Motorcycle Accident

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In Pursuit of Justice

The law firm of Finkelstein & Partners has fought for justice on behalf of clients injured in Albany, Hudson Valley, and Upstate New York motorcycle accidents.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients knowledgeable and professional legal representation to get them the results and compensation they deserve. Every motorcycle case receives a dedicated team of lawyers and supporting staff who will do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on getting better.

When you hire us, you can expect we will :

  • Secure, preserve, and document evidence
  • Identify and interview  witnesses
  • Identify all possible defendants
  • Identify all insurance policies in place
  • Work with your health care teams to understand your present and long-term medical needs
  • Negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf
  • Advocate for you in court
  • Stand with you through this difficult time
  • Keep you informed every step of the way
  • Full transparency

Table of Contents

Predictable Causes and Consequences of Motorcycle Accidents

Residents in the Albany area and throughout the upstate region share the highways and backroads with these two-wheeled vehicles more often. Why the increase in numbers?

Rising gas prices, for one. A motorcycle is much more fuel-efficient than an automobile. According to a recent survey sponsored by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), 57 percent of the respondents believe they will turn to two wheels more often, due in part to rising gas prices.

Additionally, after COVID,  those Sunday riders who use public transportation to and from work may now feel a solitary bike ride is a viable, socially distant option. 

New York has the third highest number of registered motorcycles in the country.

“Motorcycle sales across all categories—scooters, on-highway, dual purpose, and off-highway—are up 21.8 percent since 2019.”—Newsweek

According to current  New York State traffic statistics, 4,725 motorcycle accidents happen annually statewide. Albany County alone reports 43,814 speeding tickets in a single 12-month period. Another vehicle violating the motorcycle’s right-of-way caused over one-half of motorcycle accidents, especially at intersections.

There are many additional possible causes  for roadway accidents involving motorcycles, including:

  • Aggressive and reckless driving
  • Drivers turning in front of a motorcyclist
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Speed
  • Drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Reversing a vehicle without looking
  • Motorists disobeying traffic signs and signals
  • Opening vehicle doors without checking their surroundings

Driving is dangerous, and so is riding. A motorcycle is easy to miss when traveling in a driver’s blind spot. Car drivers who fail to use directional signals also place motorcycle bikers in physical danger. All intersections are hazardous, and Albany has its share of danger zones.

Left turn accidents frequently happen at intersections when a car turns directly in front of a motorcycle. For the most part,  the vehicle driving straight in their lane will almost always have the right-of-way when going through an intersection. Inexperienced drivers are also roadway hazards for motorcycle riders. Novice drivers have no frame of reference when anticipating the moves of those driving around them.

 “According to the Traffic Safety Committee and Research at the University at Albany’s Rockefeller College, fatal motorcycle crashes in New York have increased by 50 percent in 2021 since 2019.”—WBNG Channel 12

Catastrophic injuries following a motorcycle accident

With over six decades of personal injury law experience, our legal team at  Finkelstein & Partners represent motorcycle riders diagnosed with traumatic injuries such as :

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)

Although New York requires helmets, not all riders wear them. Even a quality helmet may not prevent a brain injury following a motorcycle accident.

A traumatic brain injury may cause:

  • Cognitive impairment and confusion
  • Persistent and intractable headache
  • Vision problems
  • Speech difficulty

Spinal cord injuries

Damage to the spinal cord in a motorcycle accident can often leave an accident victim with permanent paralysis.

The consequences frequently include:

  • Respiratory issues
  • Dysfunction of the bladder, bowels, and sexual organs

Nerve damage

Damage to the peripheral nervous system can leave an accident victim experiencing respiratory issues, tingling, numbness, and muscle weakness.

Severe road rash

Road rash is damage to the layers of the skin (similar to a severe burn) resulting from friction, embedded road debris, dirt, and gravel. Motorcycle accident victims with road rash face the possibility of infection, skin grafts, and sepsis.

Unfortunately, the following injuries are also common in a motorcycle accident:

  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Permanent scarring
  • Facial injuries
  • Traumatic amputation
  • Emotional trauma
  • Post-traumatic stress

Those families with physical, emotional, and financial difficulties after a motorcycle accident should speak with an experienced Albany motorcycle accident attorney at Finkelstein & Partners.

Things That Make Motorcycle Riding Enjoyable Also Make It Dangerous

Riding a motorcycle imparts a sense of freedom—open air, the thrill of the rush of power, acceleration, and physically moving with the twists and turns in the road. Still, that comes with a higher risk of catastrophic injury in a crash. The lack of protection puts riders at risk of sustaining severe physical harm. A biker has to maintain balance at all times, pay special attention to weight distribution, and navigate through headwinds.

The faster a motorcycle moves, the more balanced the motorcycle becomes—and the more server the accident.

Dealing With an Insurance Company After a Motorcycle Crash     

Albany motorcycle accident lawyerThe motorcycle accident attorneys at Finkelstein & Partners can help Albany motorcyclists combat unfair insurance practices and secure compensation from anyone at fault for their motorcycle accident injuries. Insurance companies are for-profit corporations. They instruct their claims examiners to pay the least amount possible.

An experienced Albany motorcycle accident lawyer can help navigate many of the challenges and barriers that stand in the way of fair compensation.

Some tactics an insurance company may use to reduce or deny a claim include:


Expect the insurance company to watch you. They will use everything you do, say, or post on social media against you.

What do adjusters look for? Anything that may prove a victim is not as injured or incapacitated as they claim.


An accident victim is under no obligation to give any information, or sign anything, to or for the at-fault party’s insurance company. The adjusters are banking on a motorcycle accident victim in New York needing a quick infusion of cash to cover medical expenses.

They may try to convince a family to sign a release of medical information with the promise of expediting matters. The big insurance company hopes to catch a family when they are most vulnerable and long before they understand the full extent of the victim’s injuries. They want to deal with a victim directly before they hire an Albany personal injury lawyer.

This is all a  feeble attempt to settle quickly for a lowball amount. An experienced Albany motorcycle accident attorney can help accident victims avoid these traps and protect their legal right to fair compensation.

Unnecessary delays

When all else fails, a carrier may stall the negotiation process. The insurance company may try this to exacerbate the stress level and frustration that naturally is a part of accident recovery.

The legal team at Finkelstein & Partners possesses the experience and resources to hold the at-fault parties legally and financially accountable. We are over 300 individuals strong, working collectively to help our clients to win serious injury lawsuits.

Why Hire a Local Attorney

Hiring a hometown lawyer has definite benefits.

A lawyer who practices in your community:

  • Knows the customs of local courts, judges, courtrooms, and opposing attorneys
  • Is probably familiar with the opposing attorney
  • Usually has a relationship with local professionals  who may be valuable resources
  • Clients receive the benefit of the firm’s reputation
  • Clients have easy access to their attorney

Just The Facts

  1. Most motorcycle accident victims have a valid case for reimbursement. Even a seemingly “minor” collision can cause injuries requiring a lifetime of medical treatment. Time is of the essence, don’t delay. Talk to a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer.
  2. New York was the first state to mandate motorcycle helmets. In addition to a DOT-approved motorcycle helmet, protective clothing will help reduce the severity of injuries. Bikers should wear:
  • Protective eyewear
  • A long sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Full-fingered gloves
  • Long pants.
  • Over-the-ankle footwear

When You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Where does the responsibility fall in a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle crashes happen because someone was negligent. Determining accident liability is not always straightforward; however, in most multi-vehicle collisions, the other vehicle, not the motorcycle, is at fault. Motorcycles are frequently difficult to see. When accidents result from a driver’s reckless behavior, you can hold the car or truck driver responsible.

Under product liability law, you may hold the motorcycle’s manufacturer responsible if an accident results from defective tires, brake failure, faulty fuel systems, or poor design.

Who will pay my medical bills after a motorcycle accident that was not my fault?

No-fault coverage in New York does not apply to motorcyclists. Accident victims must pay their motorcycle accident bills through personal health insurance coverage or a motorcycle accident claim.

You Do Not Need to Fight Alone

andrew finkelstein
Car Accident Lawyer, Andrew Finkelstein

A motorcycle accident is a serious matter that requires the patience, commitment, and knowledge of an attorney who can advocate for your best interests and legal rights. The motorcycle accident injury lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners understand riders’ challenges. We know how insurance companies and at-fault drivers try to shift the blame to motorcyclists. Our New York personal injury firm has the resources and capability to get you results despite the uphill battle.

For over six decades, we’ve fought for riders throughout Albany and surrounding areas. We can fight for the full compensation you and your family need to recover. Motorcycle riding is not a passive activity. We encourage all our motorcycle enthusiast clients to learn proper riding techniques. We want you to stay safe, but contact us if a ride goes bad.

You have a right to compensation for another’s negligent actions. If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in an Albany motorcycle accident, contact a motorcycle accident injury lawyer at Finkelstein & Partners or call our Albany office at (518) 452-2813 for your free case evaluation.

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