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Truck Accident Statistics

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  • 500,000 truck accidents occur every year in the United States. Of these accidents, 5,000 result in death.
  • One in 8 traffic fatalities involves a trucking collision.
  • The most significant cause for truck accidents is truck driver fatigue, which accounts for as many as 35-40% of all truck accidents.
  • Commercial trucking revenues totaled $610 billion last year and are expected to double by 2015. Although the expansion of commercial trucking is good news for the economy, it is bad news for cars and motorcycles that share the road with these lethal giants.
  • Of the tractor trailer accidents that occur each year, 98% of fatalities occur to the individuals in the passenger vehicles.
  • 68% of all fatal tractor trailer accidents happened in rural regions.
  • As high as 66% of all fatal truck accidents occurred in the daytime, with weekends accounting for 78% of the total fatal truck accidents that took place in 2003.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer, contact us immediately. How Can You As a Passenger Car Avoid Accidents With Trucks?

  • Avoid a tractor trailer’s blind spots.
  • Avoid passing a truck on the right when the truck is turning right.
  • Observe a truck’s turn signals.
  • Use appropriate passing procedures and do not cut trucks off.
  • Report dangerous driving to proper authorities.

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