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The Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Many people are injured in car accidents every day. While these injuries vary in severity depending on the specific circumstances of the accident, there are some injuries that can be incurred in car accidents that are more common than others. If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, contact the law office of Finkelstein and Partners, LLP today. Our team of personal injury professionals has the knowledge and experience to offer you quality legal representation.

There are a variety of factors involved in the type and severity of injuries that can be incurred in a car accident. For example, whether or not the person was wearing a seat belt, what part of the vehicle was hit, the speed of the collision as well as whether or not air bags deployed in the vehicle. All of these circumstances can affect the type of injuries that inflict the people in the car as well as how severe their injuries may be.

There are two main types of injury categories with regards to car accidents; impact injuries and penetrating injuries. Impact injuries involve any part of a person’s body hitting some part of the interior of the vehicle. This may include someone’s head hitting a side window or a seat rest, or a knee hitting the steering wheel or dashboard. Penetrating injuries usually involve cuts or scrapes incurred on impact by loose objects in the car, including shattering glass.

Soft tissue injuries cause damage to muscles, ligaments and tendons. They are also the most common type of injury incurred during a car accident. Among the most common types of soft tissue injuries, is whip lash. This is when the muscles and ligaments in the neck are stretched due to sudden movement of the head and neck during the collision. Back muscle strains are also common soft tissue injuries involved in car accidents. These can sometimes cause further damage when incorporating the spinal area.

Scrapes and cuts, though usually minor, are also very common occurrences in car accidents. Such injuries can be caused by any loose objects thrown around the interior of the car during the collision. This may include purses, cell phones, GPS systems, books, coffee mugs, or shattered glass. Cuts or scrapes can also take place during the deployment of air bags in the vehicle. While injuries such as these are usually relatively minor, should there be a significant loss of blood from the wound, the injury should be considered more serious.

Injuries of the head, chest, arms and legs are also quite common in car accidents. These are usually caused by any sudden or unnatural movements of the body. Depending on which of these body parts they involve, they can show in the form of contusions, internally broken bones or bleeding. Head, chest, arm and leg injuries can greatly vary in severity, but should all be evaluated by medical professionals immediately due to the fact that their symptoms can stay hidden for quite some time.

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