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Parents Are the Key to Safe Teen Drivers

All parents want to keep their children safe no matter how young or old they are.  When children mature into teenagers they are presented with new dangers, as parents it’s our job to stay informed so that we can encourage our children to make good decisions- especially behind the wheel. If you have a young -->

Live Injury-Free

There’s a critical health threat that deserves our attention: preventable, serious and life-threatening injuries.  Accidental injury is the #3 leading cause of death for people of all ages. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), preventable deaths rose by 10% in 2016. Injuries don’t discriminate. It’s very likely that you or someone you know has -->

Apple Patents Automatic Lockout System Stops Drivers From Sending Messages While Driving

Apple has patented a new method to help reduce the texting and driving trend. The patent reveals a system using sensors and onboard cameras that checks when a person is in the driver’s seat and will prevent the driver from texting while they are in motion.Earlier this year, Apple came out with its iOS in -->

GM Misled Families on Lethal Flaw in Ignition Switch

Nearly five years ago, General Motors learned in a meeting that data in the black boxes of Chevrolet Cobalts confirmed a potentially fatal defect existed in hundreds of thousand of cars. However, in the months and years that followed, G.M. told families of accident victims and other customers that they did not have enough evidence -->

9 Winter Driving Safety Tips for Truckers

Truckers drive in all types of weather conditions so it’s important to share driving safety tips with them! 1. Ice on Your Windshield Means Ice on the Road: A thin sheet of ice can be just as dangerous as packed on ice on roadways. Thin sheets of ice can develop quickly into a big problem. -->

10 Safety Tips for Driving on Snow and Ice

When there’s a snowstorm in the near future, it’s best to plan on staying indoors, but some of us indeed have to travel no matter what the road conditions. Here are 10 safety tips you need to know if you must driving in snowy or icing conditions: 1.Equip Your Car with Snow Tires: To have -->

New Drivers vs. Experienced Drivers – Who is Most at Risk?

An inexperienced driver who reaches for their cellphone increases their risk for getting into a crash by more than 700%, according to an article in the New York Times. A study used accelerometers, cameras , global positioning devices and other sense to determine the driving habits of 42 inexperienced, newly licensed drivers ages 16 and -->

The Most Dangerous Time to Drive

Driving can be an extremely dangerous in general. However, there are times when driving and being on the road can be more hazardous than others, according to the National Safety Commission. Check it out!: Saturdays According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Saturday is the most dangerous day of the week to be on -->

When is it Safe to Drive After Breaking a Bone?

Broken an bone? Wondering when it will be safe to drive again? It turns out there is no widely accepted return-to-driving timeline for patients who must wear casts, slings, neck collars or ankle boots. No matter what injury you are suffering from, glancing in the side mirrors, steering, braking, and other necessary driving abilities can -->

Holiday Traveling Tips

Do you plan on traveling with your family this holiday season? Follow these safety tips when traveling with little ones!: Before you get to Grandma’s house: Remove any bulky coats before placing your child in a car seat. Use a blanket to keep them warm for a long car ride. Make sure everyone is buckled -->