New Drivers vs. Experienced Drivers – Who is Most at Risk?

An inexperienced driver who reaches for their cellphone increases their risk for getting into a crash by more than 700%, according to an article in the New York Times. A study used accelerometers, cameras , global positioning devices and other sense to determine the driving habits of 42 inexperienced, newly licensed drivers ages 16 and 17. The study also monitored 167 more experienced, adult drivers. The devices recorded incidents of cellphone use, reaching for objects, sending text messages, adjusting the radio and other controls, and eating and drinking. Among the teenager group, eating increased their risk of crashing by nearly 3 times. Texting or looking at an object on the side of the road quadrupled it. dialing a phone number was the most dangerous activity of all, the study found. It increased the teens’ risk of crashing by 8 times. For the group of experienced drivers, dialing a phone was the only factor that significantly increased the risk of an accident. The study found that overall, drivers spent about 10% of their time being distracted while driving and not looking at the road ahead of them. We remind everyone, no matter your age, that it is extremely dangerous to text while driving! You are not only putting your own life at danger, but the lives of other drivers around you as well. Take the pledge to never text and drive! If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a texting-while-driving accident, contact us today.