9 Winter Driving Safety Tips for Truckers

Truckers drive in all types of weather conditions so it’s important to share driving safety tips with them!

1. Ice on Your Windshield Means Ice on the Road: A thin sheet of ice can be just as dangerous as packed on ice on roadways. Thin sheets of ice can develop quickly into a big problem.

2. Keep an Eye on the Temperature: Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The roadways tend to be slightly warmer than the air temperature, but once you are down that low in temp, you need to be cautious and take it slow.

3. Look for Snow and Ice From Other Vehicles: Watch out for spray coming up from tires of cars in front of you or ice and snow on their roofs.

4. Stay in Touch: Communicate with driver around you by keeping your CB radio on.
5. Don’t Follow to Close: Stay far behind other vehicles, as the roads may be slippery and you may need to stop suddenly.

6. Watch for Warning Signs: Watch out for other vehicles on the side of the road, this means take it slow because the roads are slipperier than you thought!

7. There is No Load Worth Your Life: If the roads are extremely dangerous, your best bet is to find a rest stop and wait it out.

8. Carry Supplies: in the event that you end up stuck, spun out, or wrecked, carry supplies and necessities with you. Keep extra blankets, food, water and other supplies in your truck.

9. Treat Your Diesel: Diesel gels when it gets really cold. If your diesel gels, your truck won’t run. If you are facing wintery conditions, be sure to put an anti-gel additive in your  tanks – put it in before you fuel up so it mixes properly.

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