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Families and Residents of Syracuse Nursing Home Seek Answers

UPDATE June 14, 2018:   Less than a year after publishing the blog below, F&P Of Council -->

June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month

Sadly, every year an estimated 5 million older Americans are victims of elder abuse, neglect, -->

Nursing Home Abuse – How Safe Are Your Loved Ones?

Placing a loved one in a nursing home facility is a difficult decision. We want -->

Will New Regulations Put Residents at Heightened Risk for Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect?

The nursing home industry recently celebrated a triumph in a long term battle to scale -->

Revised Nursing Home Regulations Proposed That Could Worsen an Already Failing System

Statistics show approximately 1 in 10 Americans over the age of 60 have experienced some -->

Culture Change and Nursing Homes

Culture change, also called person-centered care or resident-directed care, is a newer model of care -->

Visiting Your Loved One in a Nursing Home

Placing your loved one in a nursing home facility can be an emotionally challenging experience -->

Nursing Home Abuse in Connecticut, Six Nursing Homes Fined

The State of Connecticut has recently fined a half dozen nursing homes for serious offenses -->

Choosing the Best Nursing Home in Buffalo, NY

When choosing the appropriate nursing home environment in Buffalo, there are several factors to consider. -->

Albany Nursing Home Risk Factors

Placing someone we love in a nursing home facility can be a difficult and painful -->

More Sad Developments Regarding the Frequency of Nursing Home Abuse

Medicare has been under fire for quite some time for the system’s repeated failures in -->

Burn Injuries Are Common in Nursing Home Patients

In a long-term facility such as a nursing home, residents should be protected always. Any -->

How to Choose the Right Nursing Home?

Placing a loved one in a nursing home facility is never easy. When a decision -->

Why Bedsores Shouldn’t Be Ignored

A bedsore, or pressure ulcer, is an injury to the skin and/or underlying tissue. Serious -->

Nursing Home Workers Continue to Exploit Residents on Snapchat and Other Social Sites

Propublica, an independent nonprofit newsroom recently published a follow up article about a nationwide re-occurring -->

Handling Nursing Home Cases with Care and Professionalism

Having handled numerous nursing home abuse and neglect cases, we understand the importance of ensuring not -->

Family Member of Neglected Nursing Home Resident Shares Their Experience

Nursing home residents fall victim to abuse or neglect far too often. As personal injury -->

Ruthie’s Law, Another Step Towards Better Protecting Nursing Home Residents and Their Families

In August 2016 Ruth Murray, a nursing home resident, was brutally attacked by another resident, -->

CNN Publishes Must Read for Anyone with Elderly Parents

Recently, multiple media outlets published various disturbing articles about nursing home abuse and neglect in -->

Department of Health Issues Maximum Fine to Buffalo Nursing Home

In August, 2016 an 82 year old woman residing at Emerald South Nursing and Rehabilitation -->