Department of Health Issues Maximum Fine to Buffalo Nursing Home

In August, 2016 an 82 year old woman residing at Emerald South Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was brutally attacked by a male patient with a history of violent tendencies. Tragically the elderly woman died as a result of her injuries. 

Evidence from multiple investigations revealed the nursing home was aware of the male patient’s violent tendencies.  Had either patient received proper monitoring, it is likely the attack could have been prevented. 

The New York State Department of Health issued a $10k fine to the facility, citing the brutal attack and the facility’s failure to comply with state regulations. According to New York State law, $10k is the highest dollar amount that the department is permitted to issue. 

State and federal regulations are put into place to protect the health and wellbeing of nursing home residents, but unfortunately many nursing home facilities fail their residents by neglecting to abide by rules and regulations. It is absolutely crucial to hold these facilities accountable, not only for the many victims of nursing home abuse, but also to prevent future occurrences of nursing home abuse and neglect. Click here to learn more about the signs of nursing home abuse.

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