How to Choose the Right Nursing Home?

Placing a loved one in a nursing home facility is never easy. When a decision has been reached to place him or her in a facility, finding the right nursing home is the next difficult decision. You want to choose one that will ensure the health and happiness of your loved one. The right facility will prevent your loved one from becoming a victim of nursing home neglect.

To help you select the right nursing home, here are some tips from our experienced nursing home neglect lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners, LLP.

Look for reports and reviews: If a particular nursing home appeals to you, you should look for reports and reviews of the facility. This will provide you information about the staff, sanitation, comfort and other important information. These reports and reviews can be helpful in identifying any red flags before you seriously consider the facility.

Consider the location: Choosing a facility which is close by will enable you or other family members to pay regular visits and keep an eye on the well-being of your loved one.

Consider the cost: Every nursing home facility is different. Costs can vary by state, care plan, healthcare, medical needs and other services. When considering the cost, think about the services that are important and what kind of environment would be the most comfortable to your loved one.

Consider the facility’s certification: Choose a facility which is registered with a higher regulatory body or by Medicare and Medicaid. The certification will help you assess the quality of the services and what to expect from the facility in general.

Consider the various activities carried out in the facility: The activities carried out in the facility will play a big role in your loved one’s quality of life. A good nursing home should be able to implement and carry out various activities, such as walks in the park, art time, movies and excursions outside of the nursing home.

Consider the caliber of the staff in the facility: Research the caliber of the staff working at the facility. Find out whether they are friendly, professional and attentive to each patient. You may also want to consider the staff-to-patient ratio and whether the nursing home performs background checks of employees that provide hands-on care. All these factors will play a major role in your loved one’s well-being in the facility.

Consider the visitation facilities: Choose a nursing home that allows regular visitation by friends and family members. This is important because you will regularly have the opportunity to get a feel for the facility’s food, safety, cleanliness, atmosphere, rooms and staff.

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