Nursing Home Abuse in Connecticut, Six Nursing Homes Fined

The State of Connecticut has recently fined a half dozen nursing homes for serious offenses to residents. The events surrounding the fines are both disheartening and disturbing:

  • A resident suffered serious fall down injuries (including a broken collarbone and a broken hip) after nursing home staff failed to provide required supervision.
  • A resident was hospitalized after nursing home staff missed signs of dehydration and severe renal failure.
  • A LPN repeatedly struck a resident who suffered from bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. The resident suffered numerous facial abrasions and a broken tooth.
  • A resident suffered a serious fall down injury, which required corrective surgery. Although the staff knew the resident was a fall risk, they ignored the facility’s policy of using a gait belt (a device that helps to reduce the risk of falls). 
  • A nurse aide offered a resident illegal drugs in exchange for sexual favors
  • A resident with dementia was transferred from a wheelchair to a bed by two nurse aides who lifted the resident from the legs and under the arm pits. This type of lift puts residents at risk for shoulder dislocation and nerve damage.

Unfortunately, every day throughout the country elderly nursing home residents experience similar treatment and sustain preventable injuries because of the failures of their hired caregivers. Finkelstein & Partners is dedicated to holding those guilty of abuse or neglect accountable for their actions. If you or a loved one were abused or neglected in a New York or Connecticut nursing home contact us today.