Choosing the Best Nursing Home in Buffalo, NY

When choosing the appropriate nursing home environment in Buffalo, there are several factors to consider. At the minimum, nursing home facilities are places to live where medical treatment and care is available to every resident that needs 24-hour nursing care and supervision outside of a hospital. Nursing homes are responsible for providing a reasonable level of care to protect residents and provide them with a safe environment. This is called the “duty of care.” If a nursing home fails to provide this “duty of care,” they may be held liable in a court of law for any injuries incurred by the resident during their stay in the facility.

Besides doing your homework beforehand, visiting the facility and getting as much information as possible, recognizing nursing home risk factors for abuse and neglect can give you an idea of the kind of treatment your loved one may receive as a resident. Is this a nursing home facility where the staff hiring procedures are less than adequate and their training is insufficient? Is there enough staff for every shift? Is the workload overwhelming? Is the environment depressing, dirty or overcrowded? Is there a lack of security in the facility? Are there policies or protocols in place for residents to make a complaint without repercussions?

Aside from the facility, there are specific health conditions that can create a hostile environment for nursing home residents. Those residents with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease can be at greater risk for abuse and neglect. Abusers may target residents with these conditions because it limits the chances for the abuse to be remembered and reported. They may also be targeted because emotional outbursts and behavioral aggression can be attributed to the health condition and not the abuse. Similarly, if a resident’s behavior is aggressive or combative, the same behavior can be brought out in those that treat the resident as well as in confrontations with other residents.

Nursing home victims and their families should become educated on the rights of nursing home residents. The more you know, the more likely you are to recognize when a nursing home facility may not be able to provide the best environment for your loved one. If you suspect that your loved one has been or is being abused or neglected in their nursing home in Buffalo, NY, call the compassionate and experienced attorneys at Finkelstein & Partners, LLP. They will provide the strongest and most effective representation and will stay by your side until there is a settlement or a verdict in court. Call them at 800-529-2676 or email