Nursing Home Workers Continue to Exploit Residents on Snapchat and Other Social Sites

Propublica, an independent nonprofit newsroom recently published a follow up article about a nationwide re-occurring issue: nursing home staff posting unauthorized, and often inappropriate, photos of elderly residents on Snapchat and other social sites.

“While the problem isn’t new, the pace of reported incidents has certainly picked up — and it’s not clear why. It could be that there’s heightened vigilance among regulators and nursing homes, leading to more reports. Last August, federal health regulators said they would crack down on nursing home employees who take demeaning photographs and videos of residents and post them on social media. Another possibility is that the problem is actually getting worse as more and more people use social media apps on their cellphones.”-Propublica

The American Health Care Association offers training across the country, designed to educate nursing home management and employees about the importance of protecting privacy and avoiding social media abuse.

If you come across inappropriate photos of the elderly online contact your local authorities immediately. It’s important to understand that whomever took the photo is jeopardizing the dignity and safety of those involved. If you or a loved one was abused in a nursing home or residential care facility contact us today.