103 Puppies Survive Rollover Crash Thanks to NY State Police

According to data from the U.S. Department of Transportation rollover crashes have a higher fatality rate than other type of crash, approximately 35% of annual fatal crashes are classified as rollover accidents. 

On Tuesday, January 24th a Missouri woman driving a box truck crashed and overturned on Interstate 86 in Steuben County (roughly 50 miles south of Rochester). 

State Troopers responded to the crash and found the woman was traveling with more than 100 puppy passengers.

Thanks to the efforts of law enforcement and T & R Towing all of the puppies were rescued. Five of the pups sustained minor injuries. 

Rollover accidents are often fatal events, but thanks to the efforts of New York State Troopers and T & R towing it looks like all 103 pups will be just fine.


The puppies were placed in the care of Bath Veterinary Hospital and the Fingerlakes SPCA, animal advocates were rightfully concerned the puppies were products of puppy mills. According to shelter officials the puppies appear healthy and did not show any signs of abuse.