$34 Million : Finkelstein & Partners wins verdict against Pfizer

Newburgh personal injury law firm giant Finkelstein and Partners won a Philadelphia jury verdict of $34.3 million for a Decatur, IL client, who claims the prolonged use of two drugs manufactured by Wyeth and parent company Pfizer resulted in her breast cancer.

Finkelstein attorney Ronald Rosenkrantz, who represented Donna Kendell during the five-and-a-half week trial, contended his clients’ 11 years of using the drugs Premarin and Prempro resulted in cancer to her left breast, resulted in a mastectomy, and a preventative mastectomy to her right breast.

Although the verdict is huge, Rosenkrantz said it is unclear right now if his client will ever collect any of it.

“There have been, I believe, 14 trials, the plaintiffs have won 12. Most of the verdicts were big, at least in the seven figures, some in the eight figures. One or two may have been in nine figures. They have appealed everyone, and other than the cases they have settled, unfortunately, they have never paid out a dime yet,” he said.

But, Rosenkrantz is hopeful that this case may change the tide with appeals ruling in his client’s favor.

Managing Partner: Andrew Finkelstein
Trial Partner: Kenneth Fromson