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Understaffing in Nursing Homes

Understaffing in nursing homes contributes to nursing home neglect. This can lead to health complications and reduced quality of life for those living in nursing homes. A reason for understaffing is cost. Better management of resources would greatly reduce the problem of understaffing.

Understaffing may deprive residents of the time and attention they need from staff members. Medical issues may go unattended and the psychological and emotional health of residents can be compromised.

Repercussions of understaffing

  • Immobility-related harm
  • Nursing home residents who depend on staff to shift their positions in beds and wheel chairs may develop bed sores, muscle atrophy and skin infections if the facility is understaffed.

  • Unmet needs
  • In understaffed nursing homes residents’ grooming and emotional needs may go unmet. Medicines may not be administered on schedule which can lead to serious side effects. If residents are not fed adequately and often enough they may become malnourished and dehydrated.

  • Abuse
  • Understaffing creates undue pressure and stress for those who are staff members. High levels of stress may cause staff members to become impatient and treat residents harshly. This may lead to the force-feeding of residents and other forms of abuse such as raising their voices or physically assaulting them.

Consult with an experienced nursing home neglect and abuse lawyer

Many elderly people are placed in nursing homes expecting to recieve proper care and attention. This is the expected priority in nursing homes. If your loved one has suffered from nursing home abuse, consult with an experienced nursing home neglect and abuse lawyer to fight for your loved one. Call Finkelstein & Partners, LLP at 1-800-529-2676 or email us at [email protected].