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Parents Are the Key to Safe Teen Drivers

All parents want to keep their children safe no matter how young or old they are.  When children mature into teenagers they are presented with new dangers, as parents it’s our job to stay informed so that we can encourage our children to make good decisions- especially behind the wheel. If you have a young -->

Why Some Drivers Take to the Roads with a Foot of Snow on Their Cars, What Lawmakers Plan to do About it

On the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee’s list of ‘Winter Safe Driving Tips’, the very first point listed instructs drivers to clear all snow and ice from vehicles prior to getting behind the wheel, because “It could hit and damage other vehicles or cause a crash.”- Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee.  Although the State clearly recognizes falling -->

Drunk & Distracted Driver Crashes into Utility Pole

Motor vehicle safety is a major issue throughout New York, and especially in Warren County, according to officials roughly 75 people are treated in Warren County emergency departments for crash related injuries every two months. Predictably driver distraction is one of the most frequent causes of Warren County Crashes. On Sunday, December 4th a Queensbury -->

Step One, Recognizing Distractions Behind the Wheel

Are you one of the many drivers vehemently against texting and driving? We certainly hope so, but even if you are there is still a chance you’re a distracted driver. Your decisions behind the wheel could be putting your safety and others in danger. Learn about the three types of distraction and what actions or -->

What Today’s Graduates Know That We Didn’t

Today’s graduates live in a world with more opportunities and dangers than we could have ever imagined, but, with change comes possibility. Parents and teens, take a moment to consider what we knew then and what we know now, and ask yourself, ‘why shouldn’t this generation have a safer future than ever before?’.   The -->

Car Crashes Aren’t Accidents

Safety advocates from around the country are encouraging others to change the way people think and talk about car crashes. For decades the chosen term for describing a wreck has been ‘accident.’ What’s the problem with the word ‘accident’? Accidents are often associated with actions or outcomes that couldn’t or shouldn’t have been avoided or -->

Trends in Distraction, What’s Changed? What can we all do?

Well over a year ago we published a blog, “Warning to Parents! New Snapchat Filter that Tracks Your Speed in MPH While a Photo is Being Taken.” Thousands of parents and teens have since read the blog. Not so long ago one of the dangers associated with distracted driving stemmed from the fact people simply -->

Facebook, Twitter, and More…While Behind the Wheel

Before texting and driving was illegal in NY, Finkelstein and Partners launched our “Commit to Quit” campaign. Why “Commit to Quit?” As personal injury attorneys, we see the tragic results of texting and driving far too often. As smart phones have evolved, the issues transcend texting while driving, and now encompasses a range of hand-held -->

Andrew Finkelstein Reminds About the Dangers of Texting Driving on CBS6 Albany

Andrew Finkelstein  talks about the dangers of distracted driving especially around texting and driving, on CBS6 Albany. In 2011 we launched “Commit to Quit”, a campaign to promote awareness of the dangers of Texting and Driving. As personal injury lawyers, we see the damage suffered at the hands of distracted drivers, esspeically those who text and -->

New Middletown Billboard Campaign

If you’re heading west on Route 17 in the Middletown and Fair Oaks/Pine Bush areas of New York, chances are you’ll see our two new billboards. In 2011 we launched our Commit to Quit Texting and Driving program with the goal of educating young drivers of texting and driving. If you know a school that -->