Car Crashes Aren’t Accidents

Safety advocates from around the country are encouraging others to change the way people think and talk about car crashes.

For decades the chosen term for describing a wreck has been ‘accident.’ What’s the problem with the word ‘accident’? Accidents are often associated with actions or outcomes that couldn’t or shouldn’t have been avoided or prevented, thus stripping responsibility from whomever‘s actions caused the ‘accident.’

Some crashes are in fact unavoidable and could potentially be considered an accident, but far more are a direct result of human error or human negligence (i.e. texting and driving, drunk driving, other forms of distracted driving).

By changing the way we talk about car ‘accidents’ we very well may change how they are perceived, and ultimately reduce the number of people seriously injured and killed in car crashes.

To learn more about the ‘accident’ vs. ‘crash’ conversation(s), click here. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car wreck caused by the negligence of others contact us today.