Trends in Distraction, What’s Changed? What can we all do?

Well over a year ago we published a blog, “Warning to Parents! New Snapchat Filter that Tracks Your Speed in MPH While a Photo is Being Taken.” Thousands of parents and teens have since read the blog.

Not so long ago one of the dangers associated with distracted driving stemmed from the fact people simply did not understand how dangerous distracted driving was and is, but that continues to change. There is an increasing amount of awareness, education, and discussion regarding distracted driving.

Sadly this has come at the cost of thousands of deaths and thousands more injured due to distracted drivers. Below please find additional resources regarding distracted driving, please help us spread the word, it could save a life.

Nearly 1 in 10 Motorists Killed Every Day Due to Distracted Driving

New Changes to the Distracted Driving Laws in New York State

New York State Passes Tougher Distracted Driving Laws

Check Out This Powerful Volkswagen Advertisement on Distracted Driving

Profiling the Distracted Driver

For information about ‘Commit to Quit’, our free in school program designed to educate teenage drivers about the risks they face behind the wheel, click here.