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660,000 American Drivers Use Their Cell Phone While Behind the Wheel

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 660,000 American drivers are using a cell phone or other electronic device while driving. 

A new study focusing on New York City was conducted by Hunter College at the City University of New York’s Department of Urban Affairs. The survey was conducted at 52 different locations around the city. 10 of the locations had been flagged as the most dangerous in the city by New York’s transportation  department, while the other 42 provided a representative sample. The students looked for a variety of distracted driving behavior.

The students found that of the 2,988 drivers they observed, 7.4% were talking on handheld devices or texting. 5.9% were using a hands-free electronic device. Truck drivers were among the worst offenders.

Learn about our Commit to Quit Texting and Driving program to learn how we spread the word about distracted driving.

Source: City Lab


Andrew Finkelstein

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