Why Some Drivers Take to the Roads with a Foot of Snow on Their Cars, What Lawmakers Plan to do About it

On the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee’s list of ‘Winter Safe Driving Tips’, the very first point listed instructs drivers to clear all snow and ice from vehicles prior to getting behind the wheel, because “It could hit and damage other vehicles or cause a crash.”- Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee. 

Although the State clearly recognizes falling ice as a safety concern for motorists, lawmakers have yet to pass proposed legislation that would allow law enforcement to fine drivers for neglecting to clear their vehicle of snow and ice.

“Motorists who drive with snow on their cars could be fined if state lawmakers pass proposed laws. Drivers could be fined at least $150 if they are caught with 3 inches or more of snow or ice on the roof or trunk of their car, under one of the four bills pending in the state Legislature. A driver who gets in an accident with snow accumulated on their car could be fined up to $1,200.”- Syracuse.com

Critics of the bill claim this issue can be solved with common sense.  In an ideal world common sense would prevent drivers from driving drunk, texting and driving, ignoring speed limits and failing to wear seatbelts. Unfortunately, history has shown many drivers lack common sense or chose to ignore their common sense. These drivers have killed and injured countless innocent people. 

What do you think? Have you noticed vehicles on the roads with unsafe amounts of snow this winter?