Warning to Parents! New Snapchat Filter that Tracks Your Speed in MPH While a Photo is Being Taken

Parents! Did you know that there is a new Snapchat filter that tracks the speed you are actually going while the photo is being taken? That’s right, the app will tell you exactly how fast you are moving in MPH while you are taking a photo! The nature of this feature is extremely dangerous and encourages teens to take selfies while driving.

Snapchat’s main demographic is those ages 13-23. It’s important to remind your teen that it is not only dangerous but illegal to use a handheld device while driving. Encourage them to never take a selfie or text while driving. Here are some New York State laws regarding handheld devices to share with your teen.

It’s not just driving selfies that are dangerous and encouraged by this app, it’s distracted walking too. Running or walking while looking down at your phone to see how fast you are going is extremely distracting and can lead to serious injuries.

Parents – please remind your kids to never Snap and drive. Talk to them about the dangers of distracted driving and distracted walking.

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Video: Andrew Finkelstein discusses the dangers of “driving selfies” in an exclusive interview with Liz Bishop from CBS6 News in Albany.

‘Commit to Quit Texting and Driving’ Campaign:

We launched this campaign in September 2011 with a public service radio campaign aimed at teen aged drivers. Because we are a personal injury lawyers we see firsthand the devastation that texting and other forms of distracted driving can cause. Research shows that people under the age of 24 are the most likely to text and drive. Because new drivers are inexperienced, they are also the most at risk to becoming involved in a car crash. We initiated our program with the goal of making young people aware of the risks and encouraging them to make the choice to not text and drive. If you would like us to speak at your child’s school at no cost, contact us today and learn more about our ‘Commit to Quit Texting and Driving’ program