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New York State’s Mobile Phone Laws: Don’t Text & Drive

Do you know all the laws in NYS when it comes to using a cell phone while driving? It’s important that you understand the consequences of texting and driving or any other form of distracted driving.

Get the Facts:

Illegal activity includes holding a portable electronic device and:

•    Talking on a handheld mobile phone
•    Composing, sending, reading, accessing, browsing, transmitting, saving, or retrieving electronic data such as e-mail, text messages, or webpages
•    Viewing, taking, or transmitting images
•    Playing games

Exceptions to the Laws

•    When the driver uses a hands-free device, which allows them to communicate without the use of either hand.
•    Using a handheld device that is affixed to a vehicle surface.
•    Using a GPS that is attached to the vehicle.
•    When the purpose of the call is to communicate an emergency to a police or fire department, a hospital or physician’s office, or an ambulance corps.
•    When operating an authorized emergency vehicle in the performance of official duties.

Violations and Fines:

•    5 points on your license and a fine
•    For the first offense, $50-$150 fine.
•    For the second offense committed within 18 months, $50-$200 fine.
•    For the third offense committed within 18 months, $50-$400 fine.


Never text and drive. It can always wait. Contact us to learn more about our “Commit to Quit Texting & Driving” campaign.

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