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Tips for Taking Down the Tree After the Holidays

Even though taking down the tree isn’t nearly as fun as putting it up, but it is just as important in terms of safety. The longer the tree stays up, the greater a fire hazard it becomes.  Tips for When and How to Take Down the Tree • It is best to discard the tree -->

Safety Tips for New Year’s Eve Festivities

New Year’s Eve is about celebrating the anticipation of the New Year and starting fresh. However, a good time can turn into tragedy quickly if proper precautions aren’t taken. Every year, nearly 10,000 people are killed in drunk driving crashes, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). The risk of sharing the road with a -->

5 Tips for Traveling Back from the Holidays

You may be heading back to the city from your holiday festivities. Check out these safety tips for heading home from your holiday destination:  1. Avoid High Travel Days: the day after Christmas tends to be a pretty busy traffic day but since it is on a Thursday this year, traveling might be dispersed over -->

Fire Training: Why is it Important in the Workplace?

Many businesses fail to give sufficient thought to workplace fire safety. In fact, many worker are quite clueless as to what to do to prevent fires and how to react when a fire does break out. Other than he ire drill, most workplaces place little to no emphasis on fire safety. The consequences of workplace -->

How Old is Too Old to Drive?

Adults ages 65 and older are responsible for 14% of traffic fatalities, and 17% of all pedestrian fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. So how do you know when your elderly loved one’s driving skills are being impaired and when it is time to take them off the road? Use this checklist to -->

Last Minute Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

You may be like a lot of other Americans and have left some of your holiday shopping to the very last minute! That’s OK. Here are some holiday shopping safety tips to keep you calm and safe in the stores and online: Shopping in Stores • Never buy more than you can carry. If you -->

Winter Workers and Keeping Them Safe

Winter can affect hundreds of thousands of workers in our area. Under OSHA, each employer is responsible for providing a safe work environment for their employees and must protect workers from winter storms and hazardous weather conditions. OSHA issued more than 2,500 citations from October 2012 through September 2013. Some citations occur because manufacturers miss -->

Holiday Driving Safety Tips

Planning on heading out to a loved one’s for the holidays? Make sure you following these safe driving tips first!: • Look out for negligent drivers on the road. There tends to be a lot of drinking around the holidays and some people may make irresponsible decisions and get in their car when they are -->

Parallel Parking Tips

For new drivers, parallel parking can be one of the most difficult things to do as a driver. Here are some parallel parking tips for inexperienced drivers or experienced drivers who may be a little rusty: • Practice with cones or large boxes. • If you’re uncomfortable with your angle of approach, pull back out -->

Holiday Party Safety Tips

Office holiday parties can be fun but they can also turn into humiliation or even tragedy when the proper precautions aren’t taken. Before walking into your office party this season, make sure you consider the following tips: As an Employee Guest: • NEVER drink and drive: If you know your office party will be serving -->