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Bicycle Safety Tips for Spring

May is Bicycle Safety Month! Make sure you’re following these bicycle safety tips this season:

•    Learn the hand signals: Make sure you know the appropriate hand signals to let other vehicles know your next move.
•    Main roads can be extremely dangerous for cyclists. Make sure you are riding on the right-hand side of the road or on the shoulder, if available.
•    Never ride distracted: Never ride while talking on the phone, texting, eating, or performing any other distractions. Stay focused and alert.
•    Follow the rules of the road: As a cyclist, you are expected to follow the same rules and regulations that motorists follow. Stop at all stop lights and stop signs, yield for pedestrians, etc.
•    Put your safety first: Always wear a helmet! Make sure your bike is equipped with a bell and the appropriate reflectors.
•    Use a bright light and wear reflective clothing: It’s important if riding in the dark or at dawn or dusk.
•    Purchase a mirror: It may help to see approaching cyclists or motorists from behind.

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Andrew Finkelstein

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