A Truck Driver’s Winter Survival Kit

Use the below checklist to make sure you are prepared for any winter weather while driving on the job!

• Warm socks, hats, and gloves. Extra pairs of each!
• Extra clothes
• Sleeping bag or blankets.
• Extra towels.
• Non perishable foods such as granola or nuts.
• Extra medication if necessary.
• Bottled water.
• Shovel.
• Flashlights and extra batteries.
• First aid kit.
• Multi-purpose tools.
• Tool kit:
   o Screwdrivers (both kids)
   o Pliers
   o Box cutter
   o Smalls wrenches
   o Duct tape
   o Spare bulbs for either the marker lights or headlights
   o Extra fuses.
• Windshield washer fluid and scrapper
• Emergency flares and other emergency kit necessities
• Charged cellphone with emergency contact numbers on separate paper.
• Small section of tarp or other such material to lay on for installing chains.

Be prepared this winter and travel safely with the right tools! 

Source: http://www.lni.wa.gov/Safety/Research/Files/Trucking/90792011WinterSurvivalKit.pdf