May is National Electrical Safety Month

National Electrical Safety Month, supported by the Electrical Safety Foundation International, is dedicated to promoting electrical safety in the home, school, and workplace. You can help reduce the number of electrically-related fires, fatalities, and injuries by taking the right steps towards safety.

Each year, electrical failures are the cause of 43,900 home fires in the U.S., which result in 438 deaths, 1,430 injuries and $1.47 billion in property damage! Fire is not the only concern – every year nearly 400 people are electrocuted. Here are some basic electrical safety tips for consumers and homeowners:

1.    Understand Your Electrical System: By understanding the basics of how your electricity works around your home and how is it distributed, you can keep the system maintained safely. Electricity enters your home through a service head from a series of outdoor power lines or an underground connection. A typical service head consists of two 120-volt wires and one neutral wire that deliver power to lights and appliances around the home. Get more information on this topic.
2.    Identify and Correct Electrical Hazards in Your Home with a Home Safety Checklist: Just as regular wellness checkups are critical for maintaining your health, routine safety checkups are critical for the safety of your home. Get the checklist here.
3.    DIY Electrical Projects: Consider the following safety tips before undertaking any home electrical project:

a.    Learn about your home electrical system
b.    Never attempt a project beyond your skill level
c.    Always turn off the power to the circuit you plan to work on
d.    Test the wires before you touch them
e.    Never tough plumbing or gas pipes when performing a DIY electrical project

4.    Learn About Emerging Residential Technologies: Learn about some of the latest advances in residential electrical technologies.

Learn more about Electrical Safety Month by visiting the Electrical Safety Foundation International Website.