Scaffolding Safety: How to Prevent Falls and Injuries in the Workplace

If scaffolding is not used correctly and if proper precautions aren’t taken, serious injuries or even death in workers can occur. It is critical that managers and supervisors are aware of how to construct a safe working environment for its employees. It’s equally important for you as an employee to understand these safety measures, so if something is not properly installed or maintained, you are not putting yourself at risk.

Scaffolding Should Always Be Inspected

Before using scaffolding, a survey of the work area needs to be performed in order to check for hazards. This entails looking for hazards such as debris, high tension wires, ditches, unguarded openings, and more. The scaffolding itself should have no damages or alterations. Understand the load capacity of the scaffolding before use as well.

Take Your Time

As an employee, it’s important to slow down and never rush or cut corners when it comes to your work. If the easy way out is taken, it usually leads to injuries and accidents. Never sacrifice speed for safety.

Keep Your Workplace Clean

Avoid slips and falls by keeping a neat workplace and put all tools away after use.

Make Sure Everyone is Trained

It is the supervisor’s job to properly train all of their employees on the work they need to perform. If you have not been trained, speak with your manager right away before performing an unfamiliar task.

Prep Work is Important

Make sure you check the base of the scaffolding to see if it is level or needs to be adjusted. Make sure the legs are upright and all the braces are in place.

Does Your Scaffolding Have Guardrails?

Make sure the scaffolding you are using has guardrails, at least on the three sides of the scaffold that face away from the building. If your scaffold does not have guardrails, alert your manager immediately.

Always Lock the Wheels of a Portable Scaffold

Make sure the wheels of a portable scaffold are locked before beginning your work on it. It should also be placed on level ground.

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