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Lots of people in Syracuse rely on rideshare services at critical times—like when they feel they cannot or should not drive themselves. We should trust rideshare services and drivers to protect riders. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.

Thousands of people are hurt in Uber accidents every year; and as Uber grows more popular, accidents are only expected to increase.

  • People use Uber and other rideshare services for a variety of reasons
  • If someone can’t or doesn’t want to drive, they can use Uber for transportation
  • Everyone from students and hardworking professionals to groups of friends ready for a night out can use Uber

Uber accidents can and do happen; and when they do, survivors are usually left with a lot of questions. Who can be held liable for what happened? Are you supposed to sue Uber? What if your driver put you in immediate danger? That’s when you need a skilled Syracuse Uber accident lawyer by your side.

Finkelstein & Partners: Your Syracuse Uber Accident Lawyers

If you or someone you love were hurt in a rideshare or Uber accident, you have the right to work with an attorney who is knowledgeable and empathetic. The more a lawyer understands New York rideshare law, the better he or she can help you navigate your case.

The Syracuse Uber accident lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners are prepared to help Uber accident victims pursue the compensation that they deserve.

Our firm provides:

  • Deep investigation to find and document as much evidence as possible
  • Comprehensive preparation to ensure our team and our clients are ready for anything
  • Individualized, personal service to help us build meaningful relationships with our clients

Many Uber accidents prove more traumatic than one might expect. Lots of people experience lifelong complications after rideshare accidents; and, even if you weren’t hurt (and you don’t need to deal with lasting injuries), you’ll still have to come to understand Uber’s complex insurance policies to bring a claim. It’s all too common for rideshare accident survivors to be buried by paperwork and low settlement offers in the time after a crash.

What Should I Do After an Uber Accident?

If you’ve been in an Uber accident, you already know that the experience can change your life. You don’t need to panic after a crash, though. If you can keep calm and follow these steps, you’ll protect your physical and legal wellbeing after your accident.

Make Sure You (and Everyone Else) Are Safe

The most important thing you can do after any accident is to ensure your own safety and the safety of others. Even though some accidents only cause minor injuries, many others lead to severe consequences. You should call 911 as soon as possible; the operator will dispatch emergency medical services if they are necessary. You should also ensure that everyone is away from any further risk of danger (like passing cars or a damaged car that may catch fire).

Collect Important Information

Sometimes, it’s not possible to collect and swap information with other people involved in an Uber accident. That’s okay. Lawyers have plenty of experience dealing with cases that involve minimal information.

If you can, though, it’s very beneficial to swap information with anyone else who was involved in the crash. You can even screenshot the driver page from your Uber app to note important details about the car you were in and the person who was driving it. If other drivers or passengers were a part of the accident, you can share your names and contact information.

Document Evidence

There are easy ways to document evidence about an Uber accident at the scene of your crash. Since most people have smartphones or phones with camera capabilities now, we always recommend taking pictures and videos of the accident site. You should also take the time to document any injuries that you have. If there are witnesses nearby, ask for their contact information (you don’t need to collect their statements) for later use.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Make sure you emphasize that your accident is still under investigation; and when you’re contacted by other insurance agencies, don’t agree to any settlements they offer you. You’ll need to tell your own insurance company that you were injured in an accident—but you should never start to talk about money or the details of what happened. That’s where the next step comes into play.

Find a Reputable Uber Accident Lawyer in Syracuse

The sooner you find an Uber accident lawyer after a rideshare accident, the better. A trustworthy lawyer can help you defend your rights and fight for compensation after an Uber accident. He or she will help you organize and use evidence, deal with insurance companies, and complete important paperwork. An attorney makes the time after an Uber accident easier.

Why Do Uber Accidents Happen?

Lots of factors can cause or influence car accidents. The same can be said for Uber accidents. Uber accidents happen for a wide variety of reasons—and most of them are the same reasons you’d expect.

Some Uber accidents are caused by Uber drivers and some are caused by other drivers on the road.

  • Everyone accepts some risk when they drive or ride in a car. With that said, you shouldn’t need to worry about the increased risk of an accident just because you’re in an Uber or another rideshare
  • Uber accidents happen for many of the same reasons other car accidents do

Your Uber driver or drivers around you on the road could cause an accident by:

  • Driving distracted
  • Driving under the influence
  • Making improper turns; executing other improper maneuvers
  • Parking illegally
  • Driving aggressively
  • Struggling with inclement weather or road conditions

Distracted driving is a significant risk in Ubers because drivers usually need to use GPS to get to their destinations. It’s difficult to listen to (and watch) navigation while you try to drive. If a driver gets confused or pays too much attention to their GPS, it could cause an accident.

If you notice that your Uber driver is displaying any signs of the above behaviors, you should leave the vehicle as soon as you can safely do so. You can request that your driver pull over and let you out before you reach your destination; and if you think your Uber driver is doing something illegal, you have the right to contact authorities.

Safety Tips From Uber

Uber and law enforcement collaborated to create a list of six tips. These tips are designed to help keep Uber riders safe when they use the app and its services.

Uber and other common rideshare services all screen their drivers—but riders can help improve their chances of safety when they use Uber by:

  • Requesting their ride indoors instead of spending time alone waiting outside
  • Double-checking their ride by taking time to match the driver to their photo on Uber; you should also check their vehicle’s make, model, and license plate number against the information provided by Uber
  • Waiting for the driver to confirm their (the rider’s) name to show that they are using the Uber app
  • Sitting in the back seat to allow for more personal and exit space
  • Telling someone else that they are using Uber and sharing ride and driver details
  • Trusting their instincts and staying kind and respectful to minimize tension

Injuries After an Uber Accident

Uber accidents can cause injuries regardless of their severity. Even if you believe you were in a “minor” crash, you may still suffer serious injuries. If you don’t think you were injured, it’s also possible that you will experience delayed symptoms of injury later. It is important to watch out for signs of injuries as soon as you’ve been involved in an accident.

Some examples of common injuries after Uber accidents include:

  • Cuts
  • Bruises
  • Broken or shattered bones
  • Whiplash
  • Head injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Chest injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries

Get a medical professional to assess all of your potential injuries. If treatment is required or suggested, it’s best to accept it. Injuries that take longer to diagnose or heal may lead to a longer case. Many people are transported to the hospital after an Uber accident to receive treatment.

If this isn’t you, see a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Everyone should visit their own primary care physician after an Uber accident
  • This includes people who are treated for their injuries in the hospital
  • Your doctor should be up-to-date on your condition; and, if you’ve already received medical attention, he or she can assess you for delayed signs of injury

Tips for Making Sure Your Uber Driver Is Legit

One way to help protect yourself when using rideshare services like Uber is to try to ensure your Syracuse driver is legitimate. You’ll be safer if you only enter vehicles with legitimate Uber drivers.

Spend a few moments to:

  • Check the license plate number of the vehicle: Make sure it matches the license plate number listed by Uber
  • Match the car’s make and model: Make sure this matches the information provided by Uber, too
  • Check the driver’s picture on the app: Ensure the person picking you up looks like the person in the picture Uber shows you

Insurance After an Uber Accident

Most Uber accidents involve more than just one insurance company. This makes the time after a crash especially confusing.

andrew finkelstein
Syracuse Uber Accident Attorney, Andrew Finkelstein

If you were in an Uber accident, you may need to deal with:

  • The rideshare company’s insurance company
  • The rideshare driver’s private, personal insurer
  • The insurance company of any other driver involved in the crash

With this many insurance agencies involved in the post-accident process, it quickly becomes clear why it might help to have a lawyer by your side. A qualified attorney understands how to deal with insurance agencies and can protect your rights while they do so.

Liability and Uber Accidents

So… how can you tell who was liable for your accident? Who will prove the liability? Who will pay for damages?

Determining liability doesn’t need to be difficult. If you already have an Uber accident lawyer, he or she can help you determine or prove liability.

Ask yourself:

  • What was your role in the accident? Were you driving for a rideshare at the time of the accident? Or were you a passenger? Were you a pedestrian nearby or the occupant of another motor vehicle?
  • What caused your accident? Did your Uber driver’s negligence or carelessness cause your accident? Was the accident caused by something out of anyone’s control? Did a driver in another vehicle cause the accident?
  • Was the rideshare driver on duty? Rideshare companies do not cover their drivers unless the drivers are on duty

Uber and other rideshare drivers are covered by their companies’ insurance policies when they’re working. That means that if your driver was on duty and his or her actions caused your accident, you’ll probably be bringing a claim against Uber’s insurance policy. Uber and other rideshares’ insurance policies generally include under- and uninsured motorist coverage, too. If your Uber vehicle is struck by an uninsured or underinsured driver, you may still pursue a claim against Uber’s insurance policy.

How Much Compensation Will I Receive for My Uber Accident Claim?

Nobody can tell you how much compensation you will receive for your Uber accident claims. Some claims are worth hundreds of thousands—or even millions—of dollars. A qualified Uber accident lawyer may give you some insight into your claim’s value during a free consultation, however.

Compensation levels vary depending on lots of factors. The extent of your injuries, the type of accident you were in, and the source of your compensation will all impact recovery amounts.

Finkelstein & Partners Serves Syracuse Uber Accident Survivors

Finkelstein & Partners maintains a team of empathetic, qualified personal injury lawyers in Syracuse. We are prepared to help clients who have experienced a range of Uber and other rideshare accidents.

If you were hurt in an Uber crash, you can reach out to Finkelstein & Partners today or call us at (315) 453-3053 for more information and a FREE initial consultation regarding your accident. You’ll meet with a reliable Syracuse attorney who can answer your questions and help you develop a plan to obtain the justice you deserve.