Severe Chronic Pain

It’s no surprise that pain is a core claim in almost every Personal Injury lawsuit. Yet, its invisibility can cause its agony to be minimized as basis for substantial monetary compensation. At Finkelstein & Partners, we are committed to preventing this injustice. We understand that pain is much more than feeling bad. We know that chronic severe pain is as serious and debilitating as a disease.

Chronic severe pain can damage brain cells, shrinking the brain and deteriorating the mind. It exhausts the body, saturates it with destructive stress hormones (which greatly accelerate aging) and depresses the individual’s immune function increasing the chance for other diseases to develop. Spiking anxiety and burdening depression can be serious pain’s constant companion. Over time, it can tranform the nervous system into an uncontrolled, pain-generating machine whose burning or lancing pain overpowers even the strongest pain medications.

Our trial experience in handling severe pain cases includes representing clients afflicted with unbearable suffering and assisting other law firms throughout the United States who often seek our help so that their own pain clients can be better represented.

Understanding pain is vital to being able to appropriately represent a client suffering from chronic pain. That’s why we ask important questions, like: What causes pain? Why is it so severe? How can pain overwhelm even our most powerful medications? How does it harm the brain? Finkelstein & Partners experienced TBI group turns to Neuroscience to answer these essential questions. Working with neuroscience experts, we strive to bring important information to the courtroom to helping jurors answer these questions about pain while enabling them to reach highly favorable verdicts for the terribly injured clients that we represent.

Whether pain stems from injuries to the spinal cord, neck, back, arm or leg, or from surgeries aimed at treating the injury; or from negligently caused trauma or medical malpractice, its explanation requires more than just a thorough understanding of neuroscience. It’s also important to understand how it affects our client’s life and how severe pain steals more of it everyday. We understand the pain victim’s distress felt from the skepticism of friends and loved ones; the loneliness arising from the isolation pain imposes on work, relationships and social life; the destructive vice-like control it exerts on almost every moment of one’s life; and the helplessness and desperation engulfing its victims.

It’s also vitally important for jurors to understand the incredible pain and suffering our clients deal with each and every day. That’s why we’re proud to provide clients with Finkelstein & Partners proprietary film documentary Service, Total Trial Solutions. Knowing that a picture is worth a thousand words, Total Trial Solutions provides clients with a revolutionary film documentary service to help you tell your story. Using this incredible story-telling tool, your legal team will work with you to develop a video that will tell your story visually so that others will understand how your life has been forever changed by your pain.

Through our representation, we strive to open the jurors’ hearts to our client’s ordeal, knowing this gives our clients the best chance at being awarded the appropriate recovery to provide for the necessary treatment and amend for the overwhelming pain and suffering experienced each and every day.
Severe Chronic Pain may be the result of a Traumatic Brain Injury. Learn more about Traumatic Brain Injuries and your legal options.