• June 2018 - Elizabeth C.

    Sharon Scanlan, whenever I was appointed her as my lawyer at first I was skeptical, she was very demanding but ended up being very thorough. She listened carefully and caught discrepancies from the other attorney during trial. She helped me stand up and testify. She was able to capture the jury’s attention and conveyed to them opposing council was wrong. She was really excellent in the court and wasn’t afraid to hold them accountable.

  • May 2018 - Peter H.

    After retiring as a corrections officer, I got a job with FedEx as a tractor trailer delivery driver. My routes covered Orange, Rockland, Ulster, Dutchess and Westchester counties. One day I was doing a pick-up at a warehouse in Blauvelt in Rockland county when one of the fork lift operators knocked over 2 pallets full of heavy merchandise that landed on me severely injuring my foot and ankle. I was hurt badly and unable to return to work. I retained a Worker's Comp attorney in Middletown since it's close to Ellenville where I live.

  • April 2018 - David R.

    I was driving in Orange County, New York when another driver ran a stop sign and hit my car. I didn’t just sustain one serious injury, I sustained several serious injuries. I knew I needed a great injury attorney. I made the decision to call Finkelstein & Partners and ended up working with a team of professionals who had my best interests at heart and worked really hard to make sure I got a fair settlement. Because I was working at the time I also needed to file a workers’ compensation claim, and they helped with that too.

  • March 2018 - Dorothea S.

    I cannot say enough great about the way my car accident case was handled by these caring professionals.. From start to finish I was made to feel comfortable and treated with the utmost respect.. Brian Acard and Amanda Chanowsky worked with me the most. But when things got down to the wire, Brian was with me all the way.. I don't think I have ever come across a more kind and helpful man..Even on the days that he should have had off he worked with me toward an amazing outcome. He deserves all the praise and thanks that I could offer.

  • Feb 2018 - Robert J.

    I work at construction sites and rely on the general contractor to provide safe equipment so I can do my job. That didn’t happen when I was working a job in Rhinebeck, in Dutchess County. The ladder I was working on collapsed under me and I was badly hurt. I needed surgery and couldn’t work. At first I called a Poughkeepsie firm and thankfully they work with the accident lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners in Wappingers Falls on all their big injury cases. Everyone I worked with was very helpful and they got me a great settlement.

  • Feb 2018 - Bella S.

    I suffered a traumatic brain injury when my car was rear-ended. I thought my auto insurance would take care of everything, but one of my doctors told me that I should get an injury attorney—“sooner than later”—and referred me to David Gross. I can’t say enough good things about him and his associates at Finkelstein, especially case manager Samantha Howland and litigator Chris Camastro. They were all kind, conscientious and responsive.

  • Dec. 2017 - Shawn S.

    I was driving west on Route 52 in Walden, just outside of the town of Montgomery when I was struck head-on by an oncoming vehicle. It was sleeting and hailing at the time of the crash and the other driver lost control of their vehicle. I was transported to a local hospital via ambulance. Because of the serious injuries I sustained in the crash, including a broken ankle and rib, I was admitted to the hospital for four days and had to undergo surgery. I left the hospital knowing that I had a long road to recovery ahead of me.

  • Dec. 2017 - Gregg M.

    I was very pleased with how the Finkelstein law firm handled my case. Specifically the lawyer handling my case from start to finish Mr. Brian Acard was no less than stellar in all aspects. Brian took an active interest in not only the negligent content of the case but also a personal interest in the recovery and treatment of the injury. Without being specific I can only say I learned that Head injuries, most specifically Traumatic Brain Injuries are very misunderstood from Professional to Professional, Dr's included. Mr.

  • Dec. 2017 - Rohan

    I was in my car waiting to make a left hand turn when a distracted driver in a phone company pick-up truck crashed into the rear of my truck in Newburgh, New York. I already was out on Workers’ Comp for my low back and now this crash messed up my neck. At first, I just called my Workers’ Comp lawyer and he said he would take care of it. I don’t think he knew what he was doing so after a few months of nothing happening I switched to the injury lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners. Once I did, everything changed. They started a lawsuit fast. I always knew what was happening with my case.

  • Oct. 2017 - Wally G.

    Living in Beacon, NY I am always travelling on Route 84 and am always concerned about so many trucks on that road. As I was on 84 in the Town of Kent, I was passing a flatbed. Suddenly, without any blinker or warning the flatbed entered my lane, side swiped me and pushed me into the guardrail. I couldn’t believe he didn’t even stop. Eventually the police tracked him down. At first I didn’t think I was hurt that bad, but the pain in my neck got worse and worse. Eventually I had surgery to my neck. I hired the best accident lawyers in the Hudson Valley, Finkelstein & Partners.