January 2017 – Deborah M.

After my fall in Oswego due to excess gravel and broken up pavement in a parking lot, I badly hurt my arm. I never would have fallen if the parking lot was properly maintained and I wanted to hold the building owner accountable. I checked on-line and thought the injury law firm of Finkelstein & Partners was the best firm to do this, so I reached out to them – and I sure am glad I did. I went to the Syracuse office and everyone there was so nice. They helped with every part of my case and I was happy the attorney was able to settle my case for a fair settlement. I am sure the property owner will now be more responsible due to my attorney, Victoria Lightcap’s professional guidance and expertise in the handling of my case. I also want to thank the case managers, Mary Ray-Brooks and Cindy Williams. They both were always available to help me with anything I might need, from understanding my feelings and questions I had through the duration of my case. My attorney and her staff treated myself and husband like we were family. I will be forever grateful for the attention and empathy they showed to us. I would recommend Finkelstein and Partners. Sincerely, Deborah