January 2017 – Shakeah V.

After my car crash in Saratoga Springs, I made the mistake of hiring the wrong lawyer in Albany. The first law firm didn’t fight for me and it felt like they were afraid of the insurance company. After 11 months of nothing getting done I knew I had to change attorneys and get a law firm that fights for their clients. I hired the injury lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners in Albany and it was the best decision I made. Everyone was helpful, especially my case manager Cindy Williams. She was always there for me and helped me through a really hard time. The accident attorneys started a lawsuit right away and the insurance company knew I was serious. I ended up losing my job because of the injury from the car accident and I needed a major surgery to my neck. Finkelstein & Partners was able to recover 100% of the available insurance so I could settle my case. All I can say is if you’re in a car crash and aren’t using Finkelstein & Partners, you should do what I did and switch to them. All I did was call them and they took care of the rest. I didn’t even have to speak to my old lawyers.

Finkelstein & Partners did a great job. They went up against the insurance company, they stood their ground & they made it known they were not backing down .They assured me they wouldn’t settle for anything less than what we wanted and they made it happen! I’m pleased with the outcome .Thank you for everything.