March 2017 – Sharon C.

In reply to a recent letter from your firm dated January 24, 2017, I do want to state how pleased I was with Christine K. Clemens who was the attorney who handled  and represented my deceased husband claim for Veterans’ Benefit and my claim for survivor’ benefits.

Christine Clemens always kept me informed, as she did most of the calling  to me and I seldom had to call her as she was always on top of things.  She was always so pleasant and courteous and I felt she really cared about me and the struggles I had been through.

Christine was my angel from Heaven and I was so confident that she was the very BEST legal representation that I could have against the VA after they rejected my first claim which my husband and I struggled to file and constantly follow-up ourselves while he struggled with colon cancer.  I was so Impressed with her knowledge and how she presented my claim in letters to the VA that even my daughter said how impressed she was that she would not want to go against her in a court of law!  Christine had a gift of writing and knew how to express herself and get her point across to the VA!

Shortly after my husband passed away from battling cancer, this time it was liver cancer, we received a letter from the VA that he was fully approved for disability benefits effective July 2, 2014 which was the day he passed away!  Although i could not receive any of his monthly checks, Christine made sure that I did receive some back money.

I have recommended Christine Clemens to other people and will continue to recommend her as she truly worked so hard for me and she always returned all my calls.  Christine is a warm, compassionate and very caring person who got me through a very difficult time in my life! She is truly my Angel from Heaven! I thank her and your firm Finkelstein & Partners!