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Child Passenger Safety Week

The National Safety Council reports half of all children killed each year in car accidents are either unrestrained or improperly restrained. September 17th-September 23rd has been designated as Child Passenger Safety Week. We hope all parents use this time to review their current car seat’s functionality, direction, location, and installation. Here is a safety snapshot -->

Preparing for Summer Fun, Firework Safety

Many towns throughout New York allow residential use of Fireworks, but just because it’s legal does not mean it’s safe. According to authorities each 4th of July thousands of people are injured while using consumer fireworks. In addition, fireworks are the known cause of approximately 18,500 fires each year. Here are a few safety tips from the -->

Driveway Safety Information for Parents

Safekids.org reports more than nine thousand children are treated each year in emergency rooms for injures that occurred while they were unattended in or around motor vehicles. A significant portion of those injuries could have been prevented. Next time you enter or exit a driveway keep the following in mind: Before backing up always thoroughly -->

Dry Drowning: Important Information for Parents

On June 3rd a four-year-old boy tragically died after suffering symptoms of dry drowning. The child’s family decided shared their heartbreaking story, a decision that proved to be life-saving for a two-year-old Colorado child. The child’s parents recognized the symptoms of dry drowning after reading an article about the family’s ordeal, and was able to -->

Is Your Child’s Backpack Causing Physical Harm?

Does it appear your child’s backpack is growing in size every day? Is your child lugging around a significant portion of their body weight in their backpack? Are you noticing your child struggle to maintain good posture while holding their backpack? You may need to consider if your child’s backpack is affecting their wellbeing. According -->

Proposed Facelift for Traffic and Parking Facilities at New Paltz Middle School, Pedestrian and Traffic Safety to be Addressed

Parents, teachers, and community members have expressed valid concerns regarding the safety of the current traffic flow and parking options at New Paltz Middle School and neighboring Duzine Elementary School. On Wednesday, February 10th the Board of Education reviewed a proposed plan focused on alleviating safety risks and reducing the likelihood of future pedestrian accidents/injury. -->

Are Your Children Playing with Toxic Toys?

The last thing we want as parents is to provide our kids with toys or games that could hurt their health but unfortunately some trusted brands have stocked store shelves with items that look innocent but are actually quite dangerous.  Every year the Public Interest Research Group Education Fund produces “Trouble in Toyland,” a report that -->

Learning Starts at Home: Back To School Safety

It’s that time of year again, back to school! While you’re busy stocking up on school supplies and other back to school necessities don’t forget to provide your child with the knowledge they need to stay safe this school year. Talking to you children about safety practices may help prevent injury in the future.    -->

Your Kids Will Be Riding The School Bus: Part Two

WTDW KidsBus2.jpg PHONING AND FINDING HOME Does your child know your address? How about your phone number? Make sure your child knows where and how to reach you at all times. Tip: To help with your phone number, make a song using a familiar tune like the ABC’s and sing your number: “Eight four  five…:”