Protect Your Child from Burns & Scalds

Did you know that any hot drink can scald a baby even 15 minutes after being prepared? Did you know your hair straighteners can get as hot as an iron? Even if it’s been unplugged for 15 minutes, your child can still be burned if they come in contact with it.

Safety Reminders:

Saucepans: Make sure to always turn the saucepan handle away from the edge of the stove and use the back rings to keep them out of reach of children.

Hot Drinks: If knocked over or grabbed, children can be seriously injured. Put your child down before grabbing your hot drink.

Microwaves: Avoid warming baby bottles in the microwave, the milk may heat up unevenly leaving spots of very hot milk which can scald your baby’s mouth. Use a warmer of jug of hot water instead. Shake the bottle well and test it first.

Matches, Cigarette Lights and Candles: Toddlers can find these things fascinating. Simply keep them out of reach of children.

Hair Straighteners and Curlers: Unplug these once done. Never leave it unattended and always place the iron along with the cord on a high surface so your child can’t grab the cord and pull it down on them. Put into a heatproof bag when you are done using it.


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