• May 2017- Elizabeth C.

    Before I was hurt in a pedestrian knockdown in White Plains I had never been through a lawsuit. My Finkelstein and Partners personal injury attorneys were great. Attorney Elyssa Fried was so wonderful on my case. She listened and cared a lot about the fact that the Defendants were trying to say that the accident was my fault. She was so kind and helpful to me on my case. Also my Trial Attorney Sharon Scanlan was great, she held my hand the whole way through, and she helped me stand up for myself. She would call me at night, because she was always working on my case.

  • April 2017- Thomas B.

    Sharon Scanlan, my personal injury attorney did a great job, I'm glad I called the firm after being involved in a car accident in Brooklyn, I would recommend Sharon and Finkelstein & Partners to anyone!

  • March 2017 - Almmy P.

    After my Mom was neglected at a nursing home, we knew we needed a law firm that specialized in holding nursing homes accountable for neglecting their patients. We weren’t too sure where to turn, so our friend, who is a lawyer told us the injury lawyers at Finkelstein and Partners in Newburgh have a department dedicated to handling cases against nursing homes. We called and they did a great job. Mike Feldman did a great job for us and everyone at the law firm was very nice. They really helped us through a very difficult time and I definitely recommend using them.

  • March 2017 - Nicholas C.

    After my accident where another person crossed a double yellow line and hit me, I needed a lawyer. I contacted David Gross who was there for me from the beginning of my case until it settled. He was quick, and always looking out for me and even gave me his direct extention. I would definitely highly recommend David Gross.

  • March 2017 - Terryann

    I am not a person who would usually call a lawyer, but I was walking in a shopping center parking lot in Westchester when I fell because the parking lot was broken up. I contacted David Gross and he made me feel very comfortable. He explained what he could do to help me and was always there for me, even giving me his direct extension . We were able to settle my case after he started law suit. David went above and beyond his regular duties for me and made me feel at ease knowing I picked the right lawyer. I would definitely highly recommend David Gross.

  • March 2017 - Sharon C.

    In reply to a recent letter from your firm dated January 24, 2017, I do want to state how pleased I was with Christine K. Clemens who was the attorney who handled  and represented my deceased husband claim for Veterans' Benefit and my claim for survivor' benefits.

    Christine Clemens always kept me informed, as she did most of the calling  to me and I seldom had to call her as she was always on top of things.  She was always so pleasant and courteous and I felt she really cared about me and the struggles I had been through.

  • March 2017- Altimond

    I was in a very bad car crash and had serious injuries in Danbury Connecticut after a drunk person left a bar, got in his car and crossed over a double yellow line and hit me head on. The crash was so bad the drunk driver was killed. My wife knew we needed a big firm to go after the drunk drivers insurance company. We live in Poughkeepsie and I was in the hospital in Connecticut so our friend suggested my wife call injury Finkelstein & Partners and I am so glad she did. The law firm investigated the case right away. They even sent a lawyer to the hospital to answer all of my questions.

  • February 2017 - Kryste S.

    I live in South Carolina and hired the Finkelstein & Partners Veterans Services Group to handle my Veterans’ disability benefits appeal after learning about the great work they do for veterans. They understand how difficult it can be to obtain disability benefits, but they really are dedicated to helping veterans and their families through the process. I have been fighting for my benefits for quite some time without success.