Client Testimonials

The greatest compliment a client can provide is recommending their family or friend to us. We are proud to say that has happened more than 57,000 times. Here are just a few comments from some of our past clients:

January 2017- Viviana A.

First I was hit by a distracted driver who ran a stop sign when I was driving in Newburgh. I initially hired a small law firm because I did not think I was hurt that bad. Then I was in a second crash when another distracted driver hit my car in the rear when I was stopped at a red light in New Windsor. I decided to change lawyers because I knew I needed a firm that could handle a big case as I needed a serious surgery as a result of these crashes. I called Finkelstein & Partners, and their accident lawyers moved quickly and helped me with both of my cases. I can’t say enough about everyone I dealt with at Finkelstein & Partners, including Bryan Acard, who handled my case very efficiently; Edward Jones, who always answered my calls and took the time to patiently explain every question I had about my case; and their assistant, Jesus Vasconez. I was treated with compassion and always knew what was going on with my case. They gave me all of the information I needed to make an informed decision, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great personal injury firm.

January 2017- Seth P.

Sharon Scanlan was incredible. Her devotion to my case and honesty throughout the whole process kept it real for me. I have never felt more in someone's capable hands than I did with her and she carefully navigated through the very difficult process. There were times when I wanted to accept what the other side was offering because of fatigue and doubt, but because of her confidence, preparedness, tenacity and believing in my case, I stayed the course and followed her gut instinct and I am glad I did. The verdict for me felt vindicating and I really owe it all to her. Being on trial felt like the hardest thing because it became personal, but she defended my case with vigorous passion. She is an amazing attorney and advocated for my case till the end.

January 2017 - Joseph C.

I was with another law firm for over a year and they did no work on my case. When I came to Finkelstein's office they started my lawsuit, did depositions and got me a big settlement - all in less than a year! My trial attorney Sharon Scanlan was amazing and the staff at the Finkelstein office was so helpful. I am so glad I switched to Finkelstein & Partners to represent me in my motorcycle case.

January 2017 - Shakeah V.

After my car crash in Saratoga Springs, I made the mistake of hiring the wrong lawyer in Albany. The first law firm didn’t fight for me and it felt like they were afraid of the insurance company. After 11 months of nothing getting done I knew I had to change attorneys and get a law firm that fights for their clients. I hired the injury lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners in Albany and it was the best decision I made. Everyone was helpful, especially my case manager Cindy Williams. She was always there for me and helped me through a really hard time. The accident attorneys started a lawsuit right away and the insurance company knew I was serious. I ended up losing my job because of the injury from the car accident and I needed a major surgery to my neck. Finkelstein & Partners was able to recover 100% of the available insurance so I could settle my case. All I can say is if you’re in a car crash and aren’t using Finkelstein & Partners, you should do what I did and switch to them. All I did was call them and they took care of the rest. I didn’t even have to speak to my old lawyers.

Finkelstein & Partners did a great job. They went up against the insurance company, they stood their ground & they made it known they were not backing down .They assured me they wouldn't settle for anything less than what we wanted and they made it happen! I'm pleased with the outcome .Thank you for everything.

January 2017 - Ignacio L.

I was in a car crash in Haverstraw in Rockland County because someone just pulled out from a side street into me. I was hurt pretty bad and I called a Spring Valley lawyer but he didn’t want my case. My doctor suggested I call the injury lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners and it was the best thing I could have done. I ended up needing a major surgery to my neck. I am thankful to everyone at the law firm for all they did, especially helping me settle my case for way more than I thought I’d get. These lawyers are very good and you should definitely use them if you have a car accident.

January 2017 - Tony Y.

I really appreciate all the effort and work you have put into my situation, I feel that I am in the right hands for this matter and know that the skilled and very well schooled attorneys at Finkelstein will get me the justice I deserve, they have been through hell and back from this accident and the process has been a lot smoother with my team on my side, so thank you and I wish you all the best and god bless, I can sleep at night when knowing you guys got my back.

January 2017 - Harry D.

After I was involved in a serious car crash in Newburgh, NY I contacted Finkelstein & Partners. The firm has been in Newburgh for decades and is known for providing dedicated, aggressive representation for the injured, and that’s exactly what they did for me. The driver of the other vehicle was speeding through an intersection and ended up t-boning my vehicle. My ribs were shattered in the accident, I also sustained multiple fractures, a punctured and lacerated spleen, a punctured lung, and was left in excruciating pain. Before the crash I was employed as a construction worker, but because of my injuries I missed months of work. My attorneys at Finkelstein & Partners were there for me every step of the way and made sure I received a fair settlement.

January 2017 - Deborah M.

After my fall in Oswego due to excess gravel and broken up pavement in a parking lot, I badly hurt my arm. I never would have fallen if the parking lot was properly maintained and I wanted to hold the building owner accountable. I checked on-line and thought the injury law firm of Finkelstein & Partners was the best firm to do this, so I reached out to them – and I sure am glad I did. I went to the Syracuse office and everyone there was so nice. They helped with every part of my case and I was happy the attorney was able to settle my case for a fair settlement. I am sure the property owner will now be more responsible due to my attorney, Victoria Lightcap's professional guidance and expertise in the handling of my case. I also want to thank the case managers, Mary Ray-Brooks and Cindy Williams. They both were always available to help me with anything I might need, from understanding my feelings and questions I had through the duration of my case. My attorney and her staff treated myself and husband like we were family. I will be forever grateful for the attention and empathy they showed to us. I would recommend Finkelstein and Partners. Sincerely, Deborah

December 2016- Daniel E.

Last October I was travelling in Bristol N.Y on my motorcycle and was run down at an intersection by a young, careless driver. I was struck by car and was thrown into a ditch and was injured seriously. After I was released from the hospital I was referred to Finkelstein and Partners in Syracuse. Everyone was pleasant and helpful through this difficult process. The personal injury lawyers knew just hot to handle a motorcycle crash case and I would definitely recommend them. Thanks to my case manager Cindy Williams who worked very hard and kept me informed, David Akrib who negotiated with the insurance company as well as lawyers Tim and Victoria who helped work with the town of Bristol.

November 2016 - Keivn C.

Best injury firm around. They treated me like family and I felt very comfortable through the entire process.