Client Testimonials

The greatest compliment a client can provide is recommending their family or friend to us. We are proud to say that has happened more than 57,000 times. Here are just a few comments from some of our past clients:

Sept 2013 - Jerry W

"I want to thank you for your help in my VA appeal. I applied for compensation from the VA for my PTSD and after being denied for an amount greater than 30%, a friend recommended your firm. Contacting your office was the best decision I have ever made. In less than one year, I have received by full compensation from the VA Court of Appeals. I owe it all to you folks. You really gave me your all and I will always be grateful for your help".

February 2013 - Patricia and Jack

"I selected your firm on the recommendation of a business associate who was also your client...I was never disappointed.

Aside from the professionalism of your group, which was expected, I feel your particular strength lies in the two staffers who were assigned to our case. The first is Ms. Amanda Charnowsky. Amanda was our point of contact with the firm and she was always there for us...providing current information about the status of progress of the case. It was not just "doing her job", that set her apart in our minds, but her warm, engaging style that assured us that not only she, but the firm was concerned for our well-being.

Mr. George Levy, as our attorney, was exceptional in keeping us informed as to the progress of the case and any future events of which he was aware. Our personal meetings were relaxed and reassuring. My wife and I were particularly thankful for the manner in which George guided us through the deposition portion of the case and minimizing our stress in experiencing something to which we had no exposure. In all of our consultations, he made certain that the subject was expressed in layman's terms and that we clearly understood the contents.

Again, our deepest thanks to Amanda, George and your firm."

November 2012- Louise Liberty

"Dear Lois Daunt, I want to express my sincere thanks to you for all your assistance and patience given to me regarding my lawsuit. You did a fantastic job and I appreciated all your help."

November 2012- Daniel R.

"Appreciated the attention and commitment to what you realize was a relatively minor case."

September 2012- Larry H.

"Jesus Vasconez, thank you for the excellent continued support and answers to my questions this afternoon. I'm still a little upset about the accident and your calm and soft tome helped calm me down."

September 2012- Philip K

"Thank you for all the hard work that you did for us."

September 2012- Beverly C

"Judy Gentile, Thomas Yatto, and Mr. Heinz did a super job! Everyone who I was in contact with at the firm did a great job!"

August 2012- Ashleigh C.

“Thank you all especially Victoria Lightcap for doing a wonderful job on representing me.”

July 2012- Marc M.

 "I feel compelled to write you and convey my recent experience with your firm(s) pertaining to a recent case that was handled on my behalf.  I am a now retired police officer having been struck by an intoxicated driver while I was conducting a vehicle and traffic stop in December of 2009.  Although I had an outstanding 27 year career in law enforcement, I began to realize the tremendous impact that having to retire before I wanted to, was going to have on my family.  I consulted with several law firms and ultimately chose Finkelstein and Partners to represent me. 
I knew the process would be a long and somewhat complicated one however, your staff made it extremely "easy to navigate".  From the warm, friendly receptionists on the 4th floor of your Newburgh offices who despite the high visitor traffic always seemed to know me, to Melody Gregory who I met with initially for consultation, I received a level of attention greater than expected.  My questions were always answered completely, and most important to me, voice mails were returned promptly.  As my case progressed through the process I dealt with many people, including Kathy Sheehan who always managed to help keep me organized and focused by her periodic requests for updated information.  Meaningful referrals were made along the way by all your staff especially David Akerib, as this case had several parallels including a Social Security Disability claim, Workers Comp with 207 C complications and a Retirement application all intertwined with each other.  I chose your sister firm Fine, Olin & Anderman to handle the Social Security portion and received outstanding attention and representation from Pamela Thomas as well as her administrative support staff.  My only regret was not using them for workers comp as I am still struggling with that end of things and to date it is the only piece of this process that remains unresolved.  
Finally and most importantly, the person I want to thank most is Steve Cohen.  When my case progressed to the point of nearing closure, I met Steve Cohen.  I was impressed from the beginning by how prepared he was even during our first phone conversation.  I assumed he had my case file in front of him because, he was able to speak to specifics of my case with ease. It wasn't until our first face to face meeting that I saw how monstrous the paper case file actually was. It proved he had to have had a strong,  knowledge of my case to be able to answer as quickly and accurately as he did.  He sometimes gave me answers to my questions that didn't always make me happy, but were in fact the right answers.  Having a police background, I felt I had a solid understanding of "the law" and knew the processes well.  I found I had much to learn about how the civil side of things worked.
Our first in person meeting was equally as pleasing.  I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and clicked almost immediately with Steve.  I also confirmed that he was very well prepared for the arbitration that was to take place. Steve in a subtle way pointed out the places he thought my case was strong as well as the few weak spots including the manner in which I was used to testifying.  He pointed out that I was NOT testifying in court as a police officer but instead as the injured party.  It was a humbling lesson but so very important.  We spoke at great length about strategy as well as some possible final numbers.  The case was well put together and all bases appeared covered in that expert witness reports were in place, and Steve did a phenomenal job of prepping me for my testimony.  As the case progressed to settlement offers our discussions became more frequent.  Steve did an tremendous job not only in negotiating the final settlement but in guiding me through the entire process. Each offer was relayed to me quickly and explained fully.  I considered myself a betting man until the offers starting rolling in.  Steve gave me the positive and negative of each offer and clearly spelled out the risks of settling too early.  He also gave me his recommendations. Thankfully, I listened to him and held out for the last offer which was more than I thought we would receive in the arbitration. I did not want to risk going forward although Steve strongly suggested we do so.  
My point in writing to you Andrew is to say thank you to you and your entire staff for the outstanding effort put forth on behalf of my family and I.  The dedication shown by all (I hope I didn't miss anyone) was outstanding."

July 2012- William C.

"Ken Cohen in your Newark office recently handled my personal injury case. Mr. Cohen was a true professional from day one. His hard work, knowledge and affable nature was refreshing. I would recommend Ken and your firm to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney."