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The Indian Point Radioactive Water Leak, What Hudson Valley Residents Should Know

Indian Point Energy Center, located in Buchanan New York, is a nuclear power plant that produces roughly 34% of the state’s electricity. The plant has been a long time target of criticism from multiple fronts. Environmentalists speculate the plant’s water removal system has killed approximately 60% of the river’s alewives (a type of fish). Government -->

Newburgh Residents Being Targeted by Scam Artists: Important information to read and share.

We urge our neighbors in the Newburgh community to read and share: Another scam alert effecting Newburgh residents. Are you a business owner who recently received a call from Central Hudson Gas and Electric demanding payment for delinquent accounts? You may have been targeted by a scam artist. Those targeted have reported the following:• The caller -->

Blaze Claims Albany Co. Family Home in the Blink of an Eye

A family of five woke to a terrifying scene in the early morning hours of Sunday, January 24th.  Emergency officials rushed to the family home after neighbors reported a home completely engulfed in flames.  The entire family was still inside the house.  Firefighters were able to rescue all members of the family. Thankfully all survived -->

Highland Man Escapes Serious Injury after Being Pinned Under Fallen Tree

A local man is lucky to be alive after a close call on a Highland logging trail.  The incident took place on a farm off of Upper North Road in Highland New York. Emergency officials were dispatched to the scene after the victim’s partner called 911 at roughly 11am on 1/20/2015. Apparently the two men -->

Fatal Pedestrian Knockdown in Rensselaer Under Investigation

Police have yet to determine the cause of a fatal pedestrian knockdown on the Columbia Turnpike. The incident occurred on Monday, January 5th in broad day light. According to witnesses a middle aged man traveling west bound exited the roadway and struck several signs prior to colliding with the 50 year old pedestrian. Tragically the -->

Warning to New York Residents Who Buy & Sell Products Online

A Schenectady, New York family was almost swindled into sending hundreds of dollars to a scam artist disguised as Schenectady, NY landlord.  The victim found a lovely three bedroom home for rent posted on Craigslist. The “landlord” responded to the victim’s inquires with instructions to wire $700 and in turn the keys would be sent -->

Bill favors asbestos industry over sick vets, groups say

By Travis J. Tritten: Critics say a bill moving through the House this week would hand the asbestos industry a key legal advantage when fighting the claims of terminally ill veterans.  The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, changes how information on billions of dollars in asbestos-poisoning settlements – much of it from sailors -->

Overdue overhaul for UCMJ

Military Times Editorial: Since its creation in 1950, the Uniform Code of Military Justice — with only minor tweaks along the way — has proven to be a remarkably durable framework for fairly carrying out the complex tenets of military justice.  The military justice system will always retain a certain level of camo-pattern quirkiness, simply due -->

A Local Debate: Kingston Reacts to Plans for a New Broadway with Mixed Reviews

So what does the preliminary vision for the new and improved Broadway look like?  •    Enhanced crosswalks•    A designated bike lane•    Approximately 13 fewer parking spaces initially, followed by an estimated 42 more•    Restructured traffic lanes  Those in favor of updates, a product of the “Building a better Broadway” organization, say pedestrians and cyclists will -->

The Finkelstein & Partners Team Comes Together for the Holidays

photo_1.jpg Finkelstein & Partners, LLP was once comprised of just one location in the heart of Newburgh, New York. Throughout the years the firm has grown to multiple locations throughout New York and New Jersey with a staff of over 300.  Each Finkelstein & Partners client works with a team of professionals including paralegals, trial -->

Newburgh, Middletown and Other Orange County Pedestrians and Drivers Urged to Take Caution after Multiple Pedestrian Knockdowns

The Time’s Herald-Record, a local news source, recently released and article urging pedestrians and drivers to be mindful of one another.  According to the article in the last two months alone two people have died and another twelve people were injured after being hit by a car. The incidents have taken place in Walden, Warwick, -->

Thousands Affected by Power Outage, Details and How to Prepare for Next Time

In the early hours of Saturday, December 5th thousands of New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey residents were affected by a sudden power outage. The outage wiped out power in approximately 52,000 homes and businesses throughout the three states. According to Orange & Rockland Utilities (the power provider in the areas affected) malfunctioning equipment caused -->

5 Things 2015 Taught Us about Safety & Well Being

As the 2015 holiday season has officially commenced it seems appropriate to take a look back at 2015 and the events that undoubtedly affected us all, and more importantly, what we learned from them.   1. Kicking off 2015: with snow, slush, and frigid temperatures. istock_000047699348_large.jpg The winter of 2015 was particularly harsh for New -->

A Black Friday Shopper’s Guide to Safe Shopping

While some are home cleaning and recovering from the turkey and stuffing others are getting ready to rush the stores, prepared to tackle crowds of shoppers, endure lines that don’t seem to end, and safely enter and exit what was once known as a parking lot but seems more like an obstacle course. Stay injury -->

Preparing for Tri-State Travel? AAA Predicts an Increase in Holiday Traffic

As the 2015 holiday season is rapidly approaching AAA released survey results which suggest holiday travelers will share the roads with more drivers than previous years.  “This Thanksgiving, more Americans will carve out time to visit friends and family since 2007,” said Marshall Doney, AAA President and CEO. “While many people remain cautious about the -->

Finkelstein & Partners Attorney Melody Gregory Welcoming Newburgh Residents Home

Melody Gregory, a Finkelstein & Partners personal injury attorney recently joined Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh in a ribbon cutting ceremony on Chambers street in the city of Newburgh. The building restored was one of hundreds of dilapidated buildings in the City of Newburgh. With the hard work and dedication of people like Melody -->

The Discrimination Injured or Disabled Job Candidates Face

In a recent study researchers from Rutgers and Syracuse concluded employers tend to discriminate against job candidates who have a disability of sorts, even those who are well qualified.  The study compared fictitious candidates with an application or cover letter which made mention of an injury or disability to applications that did not reference a -->

From Injury to Recovery: What to Expect

Personal Injury isn’t something we can anticipate or plan for. As the healing process begins and victims attempt to get back on their feet many seek legal representation to assist in recovering compensation and lost wages. It’s important to remain mindful that no two personal injury cases are the same.   Once an attorney is -->