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Finkelstein & Partners Attorneys Successfully Hold Nail Salon Accountable for Failing to Clean Equipment, $850,000 Settlement

After getting a pedicure at a nail salon in a shopping mall in the Hudson Valley, our client developed a bacterial infection requiring the surgical removal of a portion of her foot. While we knew it was from the nail salon, we had to prove it.  We hired an instructor from a beauty school who -->

Schedule your Free In School Distracted Driving Today

Now that the 2016-2017 school year is officially under way we want to encourage teachers, parents, and concerned community members to contact us (link to email) to schedule a free in school presentation today. Since 2011 our team of personal injury attorneys have visited high schools and other community groups to educate the youth about -->

Personal Injury Attorney Named Hudson Valley Hero

melody-a.-gregory.jpg We are very proud to announce Melody Gregory, one of our personal injury attorneys, has been named this month’s Hudson Valley Hero.  Melody’s career at Finkelstein & Partners stretches +20 years. Although Melody has successfully fought for thousands of personal injury victims as they sought compensation for their injuries, her impressive career isn’t the -->

What Matters to a Personal Injury Victim, Client Testimonial

“After my car crashed due to someone running a stop sign in front of me in Newburgh, New York, I knew I needed an excellent injury law firm. I hired Finkelstein & Partners I got that and more. Everyone was so compassionate and really concerned for my well-being, especially my case manager Lois , and -->

Family Permanently Injured by Illegal Fumigant Awarded 80 Million Settlement

Just over a year has passed since a Delaware Family was exposed to a toxic pesticide during a family vacation. Tragically, three of the four family members suffered critical and permanent debilitating injuries.  The family was exposed at their vacation villa in St. John. An adjacent villa had recently been fumigated using methyl bromide, an -->

Testimonial from Our Client, Injured in a Crash While at Work

Personal injury victims understand better than most that it takes mere seconds for everything to change. And more often than not, when someone is seriously injured, putting the pieces back together takes years. While sometimes a wait in is inevitable, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible solution as soon as possible. -->

Trending Now, Pokemon Go

The Pokemon craze swept across the US in the late 90’s and achieved a massive following, reaching fans through film, a television series, children’s games, and video games. Eventually, the successful brand, like most fads, hit its peak and its fan base began to dissipate. Until very recently the once beloved fictional characters seemed all -->

What Today’s Graduates Know That We Didn’t

Today’s graduates live in a world with more opportunities and dangers than we could have ever imagined, but, with change comes possibility. Parents and teens, take a moment to consider what we knew then and what we know now, and ask yourself, ‘why shouldn’t this generation have a safer future than ever before?’.   The -->

You’ll Have Questions and We’ll Be There to Answer Them

We hope you don’t know how difficult it is to coordinate medical care after an accident. Hopefully you’ll never learn how complicated dealing with an insurance company can be during the pursuit of a claim. But, if you do find yourself in an accident, you should consider contacting a trusted personal injury attorney to walk -->

New York State Troopers Creating Safer Holiday Travel

Holidays are an especially dangerous time to be on the road. This year New York State Troopers sent a powerful message to those traveling in the Hudson Valley.  Officers on 1-684 issued more than 70 tickets in a six hour window on July 4th. Fifty nine of the seventy nine tickets issued were for speeding.  -->