A Local Debate: Kingston Reacts to Plans for a New Broadway with Mixed Reviews

So what does the preliminary vision for the new and improved Broadway look like? 

•    Enhanced crosswalks
•    A designated bike lane
•    Approximately 13 fewer parking spaces initially, followed by an estimated 42 more
•    Restructured traffic lanes 

Those in favor of updates, a product of the “Building a better Broadway” organization, say pedestrians and cyclists will benefit from the safety enhancements. Supporters also claim that as Kingston continues to develop and foster the young, creative crowd, bike lanes are among the sought-after features that enhances the livability of the city.  

The consensuses among those who challenge the implementation of the updates argue the loss of the parking spaces could be a major blow to local businesses and schools. Parking is described as, “limited as is.” 

According to city officials, phase 2 won’t be put into action until the city has the opportunity to re-evaluate parking limitations. 

This issue hits close to home as our Kingston office is located on Broadway. Helping to provide information to our community regarding personal injury cases, and injury prevention has been a long standing priority of Finkelstein & Partners. Bike lanes and safer sidewalks certainly have the potential to reduce pedestrian knock downs and preventable injuries. 

What do you think about the plans to update Broadway? Please share your thoughts!