Newburgh, Middletown and Other Orange County Pedestrians and Drivers Urged to Take Caution after Multiple Pedestrian Knockdowns

The Time’s Herald-Record, a local news source, recently released and article urging pedestrians and drivers to be mindful of one another.

According to the article in the last two months alone two people have died and another twelve people were injured after being hit by a car. The incidents have taken place in Walden, Warwick, Middletown and surrounding areas. According to Newburgh police on December 5th five pedestrians were struck in just one hour.

While multiple factors contribute to pedestrian knockdowns local authorities seem to believe that day light savings time and a lack of light during rush hour seems to correlate with pedestrian-vehicle injuries. The design of many of the roads throughout Orange County also makes it difficult for Pedestrians to walk safety as many roadways lack sidewalks or shoulders.

The Time’s Heard Record article should serve as an important reminder to all Orange County residents to take caution while behind the wheel and while on foot. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a pedestrian knockdown contact us today. There are multiple Finkelstein & Partners firm locations throughout Orange County, including: Newburgh, Middletown and Port Jervis.