A Black Friday Shopper’s Guide to Safe Shopping

While some are home cleaning and recovering from the turkey and stuffing others are getting ready to rush the stores, prepared to tackle crowds of shoppers, endure lines that don’t seem to end, and safely enter and exit what was once known as a parking lot but seems more like an obstacle course.

Stay injury free during your shopping by keeping these tips in mind:

Watch where you’re going: As determined shoppers peruse isles and items of goods it’s likely some items may end up out of place or on the floor. Watch for potential trip hazards like fallen merchandise, spilled drinks, etc.

Keep an eye out for distracted drivers and even distracted pedestrians: In today’s day and age its likely your fellow shoppers have coupons and shopping lists right on their cell phones. As they concentrate on their cell phones while behind the wheel or even on foot they create a grave safety risks. The best way to avoid distracted drivers and distracted walkers is to remain vigilant yourself.

Parking lot warning: Cell phones aren’t the only piece of technology that has changed how we operate on a day to day basis. Cars are now equipped with better radios, computers, and cameras which pose the risk of encouraging a driver to be less aware of their surroundings. Turn down your radio and keep and eye out for things and people that may not appear in your back up cameras. Travel slowly and be aware of pedestrians and other motorists.

We hope these tips help your Black Friday shopping experience, be sure to share with friends and family who will also be braving the stores this year!