distracted driver

Our client suffered painful injuries after he was struck by a distracted driver, and was never able to return to work. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys were able to collect the full $500,000 of insurance from the distracted driver, and on top of that collected …read more.

Motor vehicle accident

Being in a motor vehicle accident can be a frightening and traumatic event. As in all life events that happen without warning, the most important tip is to stay calm and assess what is going on around you. If there are injuries, no matter how small, call 911 first. Many soft tissue injuries, as well as traumatic brain injuries, do not seem serious when they first happen.

Personal Injury

When an individual endures and recovers from a serious injury, their loved one’s lives are often affected in a big way. At Finkelstein and Partners, we understand this and make every effort to help the families of those injured in any way we can. For our client, Myra, that was apparent from the start:

“Great reliable staff treated me and my family as if we were a priority.”

nursing home neglect

Nursing home residents fall victim to abuse or neglect far too often. As personal injury attorneys we are dedicated to seeking justice for our clients and holding negligent parties accountable. Below our client, Almmy, shares her experience with the Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect attorneys at Finkelstein & Partners:

Car crash settlement

Each personal injury case is different. As your personal injury attorneys it’s our job to properly assess the situation that led to your injury, and the lasting implications of your injury. We try to ensure that the compensation you receive will not only help you now, but will also be able to support your long term needs. Our client describes his experience with Finkelstein & Partners after being injured in a car crash:

Great way to keep patrons safe

Being in the hospitality industry can be challenging, to say the least. As a restaurant/bar owner or employee you have to walk a fine line between encouraging alcohol sales and keeping patrons safe. 

Nail salon equipments

Next time you’re at the nail salon trying to decide upon the perfect color or which service to splurge on, take a look around. Some salons send clients home with more than they bargained for, like nasty infections caused by unclean conditions. 

A surprisingly high number of nail salons have sub-standard sanitation practices. Before your next trip to a salon, or if you suffered an infection after a visit to a salon, consider the following: