Albany Ambulance Rollover Caused by Failure to Yield

On Monday, January 25, 2016, seven people were transported to an area hospital after an ambulance rolled over in Albany, NY. The crash took place around 1:00pm at the intersection of Western Ave and Manning Blvd. 

At the time of the accident the ambulance was operating with a patient in the back and lights and sirens in use.  The ambulance was on Manning Street, crossing through an intersection when it was struck by a SUV.

Everyone involved in the crash, including EMT workers and the driver of the SUV, were transported to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. 

After the crash the driver who struck the ambulance was ticketed for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.  

If you see an emergency vehicle approaching with lights and sirens you are required by law to pull over and stop driving until the vehicle passes. Emergency Responders are trained and able to navigate through difficult traffic scenarios; however it is crucial that civilians abide by traffic laws to prevent causing an accident. Emergency vehicles include ambulances, police vehicles, and fire trucks.

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