UBER on the Move: Upstate Residents Presented with New Opportunities

Several upstate New York mayors, including Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, Binghamton Mayor Richard David and Stephanie Miner, Mayor of Syracuse have publicaly announced their support of proposed legislation to allow Uber to expand upstate. 

Uber is an innovative car service that has transformed urban transportation options. Uber users utilize an Uber App to “hail a cab.” With a click of a button riders are able to request transportation. The driver’s location, a photo of the transportation vehicle, estimated cost, and other details are provided to the rider in an instant. Payment is processed through the app, no cash necessary. 

Upstate Lawmakers who support the proposition claim allowing the Upstate expansion would create new jobs and transportation options. 

Unlike New York City many smaller upstate cities and towns have very limited livery service options. Not all upstate residents have the option to call a cab as some areas don’t have active taxi service. 

According to newyork.gov alcohol involvement caused 7,391 crashes in 2014, 14 of which were fatal. Providing New York residents with another safe option of transportation may help to reduce the number of drunk drivers on New York streets.  

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